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7 Highly Effective Tips For Everyday Styling

Here's an easy guide for when you need a bit of help in getting dressed.
7 Highly Effective Tips For Everyday Styling Here's an easy guide for when you need a bit of help in getting dressed.

Before anything else, allow us to put it out there that we are not suggesting that you go and spend your hard-earned cash on lavish pieces, but to take in these tips that'll add a dash of style to your daily life. 

Assuming that you're well equipped with a good set of basics, we give your few simple tricks in putting them together to come out looking clean, chic, and polished. Let's get started.



TIP #1: Function before form

Keeping it simple is the quickest way to looking put together. If you don't really need to wear that leather jacket, put it down and save it for a rainy day.

TIP #2: Dress up your look by choosing basics in sophisticated fabrics

Nothing says luxe better than a basic piece in a posh material. Think silk-satin shirts and cashmere skirts.

TIP #3: Add pops of color with rich solids

Even the iciest stylephile who swears by an all black uniform needs a little break. Add a bit of color with deep jewel tones that won't make you look like the missing cast member of Rainbow Brite.

TIP #4: Juxtapose dressy with casual

Counter a knee length sequined skirt with a freshly pressed cotton button-down and make it seem like you weren't even trying. They key is to looking effortless — even if we all know you spent a good 20 minutes staring at your closet in the morning.

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TIP #5: Pay attention to your shoes and bags

It's true that there are some leather goods that look better worn in but this does not apply to all. Drop the "character" excuse and throw away something once it starts to look too tired and battered.

TIP #6: Less is more


As stated in tip#1, only wear what you need. More often than not we get tempted to rely on accessories to create the look. Remember, they're there to compliment and not to create a whole different show.


TIP #7: Don't overdo it

Whether it's filling in brows or spot concealing, just stick to what you need and save the falsies and shadow for when the lights go dark. The the more natural your makeup is, the more well groomed you look. Same goes your your hair. There's no need to curl or iron it everyday. Just swipe on some product, brush, and leave it down or pull it back when it gets unruly. 


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