6 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Shoes StyleBible Preview

6 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Don’t be a martyr!
6 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Admit it, there are some pairs you just love so much you can't let them go-even if they feel a bit wrong. Why in the world would you stop wearing your pretty pastel mules or lace-up heels when they make your gams look longer? Why should you stop wearing your favorite pair of trainers that you spent thousands on? Well, let us dish the facts. Below are a few scenarios that should convince you to finally stop sacrificing your feet, especially when it comes to your footwear choice for working out:

1. Your feet slip and slide as you move. You might be forced to wear super thick socks or lace your kicks too tightly, which ends up feeling like a sauna for your feet. If you do skip the chunky socks or tie your laces loosely, you risk tripping while running in your workout shoes.

2. You didn't think of your arches. There are some sneakers that feel like heavenly cushions for your soles, but if the insole or shoe insert doesn't give the right arch support, you'll end the day with heel pain, possibly even back pain, too.

3. They're too tight. Sure, some shoes stretch a bit, but if they torture your feet even after breaking them in, they're not worth it.

4. You get blisters easily. Even if you run a marathon, your trainers shouldn't rub your feet the wrong way and break your skin. They shouldn't put any pressure on your toes, either. Some girls lose nails because their shoes don't have enough wiggle room, and that's something you definitely don't want to happen!

5. You're settling for just about any shoe for your workouts. Are you using your low-top canvas slip-ons for jogging? Have you been using those torn and bloodied running shoes for years? It's time to invest in a new pair of quality trainers. If you run about five 3-mile runs (or its equivalent) every week, replace your running shoes every five to six months. As if you needed more motivation for shoe shopping!

6. They just don't feel right. Sometimes, those vintage sneakers or the latest version of those ultra chic kicks tempt you just because they look cute. But if they make you uncomfortable when you try them on or you feel like they don't match up with your personal style, then they might not be for you.

In the idiomatic sense, being in the wrong shoes can be awkward, uncomfortable, and just plain, well, wrong. Sure, it can sometimes give you a new perspective, and you might even gain something from it, but if it's just not a right fit, conflict will surely follow.

Our fave pseudo sisters Lily and Margot learn just that in the latest episode of Nike's Better For It web series. As the fictional tale comes to an end, we see the many ways that forcing on the wrong shoes can just end up with you stepping on other people's toes, but there's always a chance to make things right.

Oh, and of course, we finally get to see who wins the bet! See if you guessed the ending correctly here:

Catch this episode of Margot vs. Lily on TV! Tune in to ABS-CBN Sports & Action on April 23, 3:40PM onwards (replay on April 24, 3:40PM onwards). If you want to watch the whole series again, click here.

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