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6 Photo-Editing Apps for Better OOTDs and Selfies

Download these, stat!
6 Photo-Editing Apps for Better OOTDs and Selfies Download these, stat!

If you’re a self-confessed instahoe like most of us, then editing OOTDs and selfies could sometimes (or always) feel like a full-time job. It’s hard enough to get that angle right and to find the perfect lighting, but nothing beats the difficulty of choosing a filter, adjusting the brightness and contrast, then finally being able to upload it after careful cropping.


To help your posts reap more double-taps, we’ve listed down six photo-editing apps to suit all your snap happy needs.


If there was a one-stop shop for photo-editing junkies, it would have to be Afterlight. Features include the necessities: basic adjustment settings and several choices of filters. It even has textures and frames of great quality. Plus, advanced settings for the pro editors!

Great for: Moody OOTDs

Must-try features: Textures, Natural Light Leaks

-Import your image.
-Select a filter and adjust intensity according to your liking.
-For features such as natural light leaks and film textures, tap on the fourth button.
-You can even add frames if you want.


    You don’t need to spend so much time sitting on the makeup chair before you go camwhoring after all! Snap away and let this app put your best face forward post photo sesh. Erase your blemishes, whiten your teeth, and even contour your face (sans makeup) for defined cheek bones! If only we could do this IRL...

    Great for: Selfies

    Must-try features: Widen/refine smile, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, brighten dark undereye circles, heighten cheek bones and brows, add intensity to natural lip color

    3. FOTOR

    This easy-to-use app is perfect for photos that need a quick fix. The simple interface allows seamless and stress-free editing.

    Great for: Everyday photos, flatlays

    Must-try feature: Enhance 


    Calling all perfectionist photographers, this jam-packed app is for you. Snapseed has a ton of features and special effects that will prove useful when tuning up an image. Although the interface takes some time getting used to, the grade-A results make it totally worth it.


    Great for: Outfit details
    Must-try feature: Selective editing

    -Once you’ve imported your image, you can now start editing.
    -You can adjust certain settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation. 
    -After editing the basics, head on over to the Selective feature.
    -Click on any part of the image you would like to enhance. Press and hold down to make adjustments on saturation, contrast, etc.
    -You could also try their wide range of filters, such as Glow (which has additional sub-filters to boot). 

      5. SPRING

      This body-altering app proportionately slims down your body and stretches your height. Don’t worry—there are no pesky traces of editing in the background, so the photo looks as natural as ever. There’s even a head resizing feature for those days when you feel like a bobble head.

      Great for: Full-length OOTDs

      Must-try features: Slimming, Height Stretching, Head Resizing (just don't use them all at once!)


      -Upload your photo and click on the slimming button on the far left.
      -Place the circle over your head.
      -Place the 2 lines close to your shoulders.
      -Drag the arrow and get slimmed down! Hit the check mark after to save your progress. 

        Height stretching:

        -Click on the second button.
        -Place the 3 lines over your shoulders, hips, and ankles for a well-proportioned bod!
        -Drag the arrow to your desired height. And click on the check mark when you’re done.

          6. VSCO CAM

          Ahhh, the millennial fave! There’s a reason why this is a cult photo-editing app. The handy one-tap features are easy to access, and well, the presets are just so on point! Whether your feed is vibrant, washed-out, or muted, there's a perfect filter fit to your liking.

          Great for: Curating your IG feed
          Must-try feature: Each and every single one of its awesome filters!

          -Import the image you would like to use and click on the editing button. 
          -Choose from all the cool presets. (Here, I chose C1 for that high contrast and rich color.)
          -Make sure to sharpen your photo to get crisp details!


            (Main image: E.V Binstock | Cultura)