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6 Observations from the Bb. Pilipinas Evening Gown Competition

Everyone likes an embellished bust.
6 Observations from the Bb. Pilipinas Evening Gown Competition Everyone likes an embellished bust.

When it comes to beauty pageants, it’s always the evening gown competition that we’re most excited for. There’s always something to be said about every gown, whether if it’s too embellished, too plain, too pageant-y, or even too perfect for words. Here we list down some of our observations while watching the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 coronation night.


1. Beads and sequins will forever be a pageant staple.

Beauty queens need to get their shine and sparkle on.


2. There will be occasional rule-breakers, and people will love them for it.

Case in point: Bb. Pilipinas Supernational 2016 winner Joanna Eden and her emerald green serpentine evening gown, which was designed by none other than Mark Bumgarner. The gown was simple and easy with just a metal band adding a hint of shine.

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3. Runway models have the upper hand.

Just take a look at Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2016 winner Maxine Medina who started out as a model walking for shows at Philippine Fashion Week back when she was still in college. All those years of working the runway and posing for campaigns and editorials finally came down to this.


4. Bright colors and jewel tones will catch people’s attention.

As elegant as a nude strapless gown with gold and silver accents might seem, people will always remember a gown with that “wow” factor. You want people to think “I like that girl with the fuchsia dress” not “what dress was she wearing?”



5. Volume is best kept below the hips and on the hair.

Dresses that flare out from the waist are best reserved for 18th birthdays and weddings. No one wants to see a beauty queen dressed as a cupcake. Unless you want to be likened to Miss Universe 2012 Oliva Culpo, who launched a hundred memes with her as red velvet cupcake after she was crowned.


6. Everyone likes to embellish their bust.

There was a heavy concentration of gowns with busts and necklines that were completely beaded and embellished. Guess they like to keep their chests sparkly!

Images from @bbpilipinasofficial on Instagram and the Bb. Pilipinas Facebook Page

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