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6 Most Iconic Swimsuits Of All Time

6 Most Iconic Swimsuits Of All Time Which star wore them and what makes them special? Find out here.


It may be the least ergonomical and mind-boggling kind, but it endures. With the presence of much lighter fabric blends like spandex-and-cotton and Lycra-and-nylon, it seems counterintuitive to wear something that weighs down the wearer when wet. But women don't seem to mind as long as it looks pretty on Instagram. The knitted bikini is perhaps best understood as the wearer's declaration of intention to lounge under a big umbrella, instead of actually swimming. 

Take for instance nurse-turned-vigilante Pam Grier in Coffy (1973). In bug-eye sunnies and bling, she doesn't look like she's about to take a dive into the pool soon. But what about that scene in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003), when Demi Moore emerges from the water, après-surf, wearing a black macramé string bikini? For now we'll deem it movie magic.

And of course, how can we forget about Gisele Bundchen, and Kim Kardashian? Perfect choice of knits to show of their curves, don't you think? 


Photo credits: (Pam Grier); (Demi Moore); (Kim Kardashian); (Victoria Svidset, Giselle B, Kourtney Kardashian); (Paris Hilton)

Illustrations by Maura Rodriguez


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