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6 Easy Steps For Styling Your Work Desk

Tip: It's all about the white space.
6 Easy Steps For Styling Your Work Desk Tip: It's all about the white space.

Like it or not, your office is your home away from home. Just like your own living space, you’ve somehow managed to “move in” to your little nook where you work ever so diligently—or hardly work, even. Naturally, styling it to your liking is something you can do to make you feel more at ease as you type away; but over time, it tends to get unruly as you forget to keep it neat amid all your projects and deadlines. Regardless, your work desk—and that mug with remnants of yesterday's caffeine fix—speaks volumes about your personality and your bosses can see that. Here’s a six-step-guide to tidying up your desk to give it a chic new look. Feeling quite the minimalists, we've fallen in love with clean lines and a lot of white space.

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First thing to do is to de-clutter your work space. Clean out your desk and get rid of the things you know you won’t be using. Take this time to disinfect by wiping it down with a rag and Pledge or Lysol.

Pick a theme and start from there. Google what your favorite designer's or editor’s desk looks like and seek inspiration. Whatever it is, make sure it is to your liking as you will have to face it everyday.


What is it that you need on your desk? Is it something to organize your pens? A stopper for the books you have piled up? Look for items you know you need while keeping in mind the overall theme you are going for.


Decorating your desk is totally fine as long as you don’t overdo it. Remember you will be working here so you can’t have too many ornaments. A repurposed antique or a framed piece of art will do just fine as a focal point.

Be mindful of the space you occupy. Filling up every corner will cause you to lose track of where you put your things and it will only make your desk look busy. Create a nice environment for you to work in, not a shrine.


Keeping your desk tidy even when work piles up is a great way to show grace under pressure. Not only will you impress your boss and colleagues with how you’re able to keep it spotless, but it’ll also make work easier for you as everything is well organized and kept in place.


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