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6 Duties Every Bridesmaid Should Swear By

Are you prepared for these?
6 Duties Every Bridesmaid Should Swear By

Ah, weddings. The way we celebrate them has changed a lot from the old days. Pinterest, even though a treasure chest of inspiration (wedding boards, anyone?), can be a monster on its own. Social media in general, too, puts even more pressure on planning the perfect day! Who doesn't want to have a feed-worthy wedding, right?

Brides and their wedding planners are usually the ones who deal with the stress, but bridesmaids also play an important role in making the BIG day a success. Gone are the days when the hardest task is picking the best champagne for the bridal shower. If you're a bridesmaid, make sure to be prepared to do these important duties for the bride.

1. Wing Girl

Who would want to miss a bachelorette party over anything!? Remember, this is the last single girls’ night out—make it legendary.

2. Lil’ Miss OC

Is that sudden shade of yellow part of the gown’s fabric? Or is that spaghetti sauce on her trail? Missing out on that one tiny flaw could unleash your bride’s inner bridezilla and it is the bridesmaids’ job to pick on the smallest details, and give help ASAP.

3. Girl in Command

Never storm off without seeing everything settled and in its perfect place. For starters, be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave, do not mind the time. Also, don't forget to lead by example. Hit the dance floor when the music kicks in and step in when needed. Act on behalf of the couple and attend to the needs of their friends and families.

4. The Stress Filter

If there are family members or friends, opinions, or event mishaps that you know would cause the bride more stress, keep them away from her at all costs.

5. Drunk Patrol

It’s your job to make sure everyone is enjoying the bride’s biggest event, including yourself. But as a rule, limit yourself to two glasses of champagnes and make sure the bride can still remember her best night yet.

6. Social Media Maven

The bride should be away from her phone as much as possible, but it would be nice to give her camera roll a taste of the event, too. Give her the exclusive behind-the-scene shots — her waking moment, her happy tears and even something the bride can keep to herself or share. Better yet, do her Instagram stories and show what everyone is missing out on. P.S. The ex might be stalking!

There are many other tasks that bridesmaids go out of their way for that usually go unnoticed. That said, brides can return the favor by offering to shoulder their hair and makeup cost or letting them choose the style of dress they will be most comfortable wearing. It's also a sentimental gesture to value your girls with a gift that honors them, like a hand finished, high-quality jewelry from Pandora. It’s a thoughtful token of gratitude they will remember for making the day you won’t forget possible. So for all brides out there, always remember to #DoSpoilYourBridesmaids.

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