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6 Designers Sketch Evening Gowns for Maxine Medina

And the designs are exquisite.
6 Designers Sketch Evening Gowns for Maxine Medina And the designs are exquisite.

It seems like Miss Universe fever has been sweeping the nation. Of course, with the competition being in town, it's hard to expect anything less from the devotion of the beauty pageant's die-hard fans. (Us included.) So in preparation for one of our favorite segments—the evening gown portion, of course—we've asked some designers to come up with a crown-winning dress for our fantasy scenario. 

Read on to see the extravagant ideas! 

Rajo Laurel


"I was thinking of a pale yellow gown as this suits our candidates skin tone. Soft and flowing w a deep scooped neckline festooned by crystals and turquoise beads in an ethnic 'itneg' pattern. I would make a one sided shoulder train for added drama."

"Second opinion inspired by the vintas of Mindanao! I thought a brilliant vermillion which ombrés into a fuschia would be unique, plus the dazzle of bugle beads in a herringbone pattern would be fantastic on stage."

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Arnold Galang

"My design is rather simple to give more focus on Maxine's beautiful face and streamlined body which I think is her biggest asset in the pageant. My vision is a red sheer serpentina gown in silk chiffon embroidered and delicately beaded in Maranao patterns to still echo the Filipino culture being pageant host. With a small train, it hugs close to the body with a red fully sequined camisole."


Anthony Ramirez

"When I think tropical, I imagine the color green. It's the best color to represent the Philippines."

Tony Evan


"Maxine is a stand out beauty. Her charm lies in her natural features and calm demeanor. I associate this with the untouched allure of Palawan, with it’s long stretch of land and rich undersea life. I came up with a design that represents the slivery silhouette of the island with skin tight semi-sheer illusion fabric and soft tulle fins on each side. It also features our signature play on seam lines that contour and enhance the proportion of the body. All swathed with fresh water pearls, the universal symbol of our country. The design is both simple and yet a decisively bold choice for our representative."

Cheetah Rivera


"I love morena skin. I think it was always an edge for our candidate to have distinct, golden brown skin. And that's why I want Maxine to have a white dress. I'll be using pure silk chiffon for the fullness of the skirt with a frontal slit. I want the skirt to flow as hard as it can, that's why I'll be using the finest fabric for her! I want everything to be minimal, clean lines, and to be easy as possible. At the same time I want drama and seduction, so I cut the dress very low on the back, almost exposing the behind just to tease. I'd add a sparkling neckline to make her glow even more. Simple, easy, sexy and elegant. I think that's the modern Filipina."

Martin Bautista


"A white silk chiffon gown with high slit, long and fluid, with embellishments in crystals and silver hardware- inspired by the 7,107 of the Philippines but deformed and juxtaposed around the figure. Discreetly patriotic without being too literal!"

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