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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Favorite Pieces

Look your best by caring for your most stylish pieces.
5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Favorite Pieces

We wish our clothes would last forever, especially the timeless pieces we consider investments. But the natural course of wear and tear won’t let that happen and, eventually, we’re sometimes forced to say goodbye to pieces we love. There’s no reason to fret, though, as delaying the inevitable demise of your favorite top or pair of jeans is possible. Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your favorite pieces:

1. Air-dry whenever possible.

You not only save electricity whenever you decide to skip the dryer, you also make sure that your clothes dry in a much caring and gentler way. Air-drying also lessens the chances of your fave pieces shrinking from the hot air of your machine.

2. Spot clean stains right away.

Accidentally spilled something on your clothes? Treat the soiled part as soon as possible so it doesn't leave a permanent mark. Once a stain sets, the chances of washing it out drops dramatically.

3. Know which garments to fold and which to hang.

Knit clothing can stretch out of shape when hung and silk items wrinkle when folded. Knowing how to store your garments properly can help retain their shape, color, and size, so take the time to figure out which ones need special attention.

4. Wash your clothes less.

Washing your clothes too often makes them susceptible to color-fading—the hot water and friction from your washing machine might be too harsh for your more vibrant pieces. The less you wash your clothes, the less wear and tear you subject them to. Some items like denim and knitted fabric can be aired out to remove any odor.

5. Be picky with your detergent.

When you’re browsing the aisles for laundry detergent, choose one that helps your clothes fight the signs of aging, like the new Comfort Care Detergent. It helps protect your statement pieces from color fading, shape loss, yellowness, roughness, and bobbling so you can get the most out of your favorite clothes and keep them looking new for longer.

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