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5 Ways To Be Geek Chic

It's manly style with a femme touch. Know how to get this androgynous geek chic look.
5 Ways To Be Geek Chic It's manly style with a femme touch. Know how to get this androgynous geek chic look.

You know what they say, “Intelligence IS sexy.”



Channel your inner geek through androgynous layering and a muted earthy color palette. Here are five ways to cop this geek chic style:

1. Accessorize with a sleek and stylish laptop.


ASUS Zenbook UX303

To cop the geek chic look, clutch a gadget as if it's the latest luxe accessory. Like an ASUS Zenbook UX303! Its sleek and modern design could compare to any designer clutch—but with a lot more storage space and functionality, of course.

2. Pop that collar.

A crisp, long-sleeved shirt is a must-have to get into the geek. Tuck it into a sublty black or gray cropped pant and secure with suspenders. You get a look that commands attention and respect, just like a woman in power would.

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3. Don a tailored coat or jacket.

This adds a bit of femme fatale to your geeky attire. It says, "Yes, I am smart and stylish." Choose an earthy nude color to add to the mystique.

4. Pretend you need glasses.



Okay, maybe you do wear and need prescription glasses so that's one item off the list. If you're not visually-challenged though and want to look bookish, get square or tortoise-shell frames minus the prescription-grade lenses. Insta-nerd fab!

5. Wear mannish footwear.


Complete the look with oxfords and brogues, the official shoe of the geek chic look. Pick one with a modest heel in black or brown, lace up, and walk like the intellectual that you already are.



So forget cardigans and printed sweaters, dress like the smart girl who’s got a doctorate in style.


Asus Zenbook UX303 is powered up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Price starts at Php49,995.  To know more about Asus Zenbook, check out their website and like their Facebook.

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