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5 Visa-Free Countries Filipinos Can Visit This Holiday Season

Bundle up!
5 Visa-Free Countries Filipinos Can Visit This Holiday Season
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Bundle up!

From one Fall-Winter enthusiast to another, here's a list of the most accessible (read: visa-free!) cold-climate countries to explore as the holidays approach! Go ahead and start packing your cozy coats and favorite pairs of boots. 


You read that right: Vietnam has a winter season. No, really! Capital city Hanoi is privy to dramatic temperature drops in December, with numbers ranging from an average of 18-19 °C. Count in the fact that the air this time of year is crisp and dry, so you'll really have to layer up. No better way to enjoy an epic Vietnamese coffee crawl!

Hong Kong

A crowd favorite, and with good reason! Hong Kong is the perfect stop for that quick, much-needed getaway (inclusive of fantastic shopping and A+ food, natch). December's climes are cool and clearaverage low and high temperatures clock in at 16 °C and 20 °C. Pleasant.


Here's a new and very welcome addition to the visa-free list. Main metropolis Taipei boasts quite the mild winter: think a low and high of 13 °C and 18 °C, respectively. Expect a bit of rain though, as the month sees damp days with occasional showers. Don't forget that umbrella!



Venture a little further and land in majestic Marrakech for the holidays! The middleground on any given day this month hovers around 14 °C. Take into account though that the desert is a drastic place, so expect both sunshiny 19 °C days and a potential low of 8 °C in the evenings. Brrr...


Historic, beautiful Tel Aviv's average winter temperature is 14 °C, with a high of 18 °C and a low of 9 °C. Things might get wet n' wild thoughheavy rain is common during cold season! Weatherproof parkas and water-resistant shoes are a good idea.