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5 Tips to Master the Art of Carrying a Small Bag Everywhere

We'll teach you how!
5 Tips to Master the Art of Carrying a Small Bag Everywhere
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
We'll teach you how!

Do you ever wonder how some girls can carry one small bag for the whole day? Or how fashion insiders are able to utilize those tiny, uniquely shaped purses when attending events? It's possible! You can pare down your everyday essentials into just five items that will render your big totes useless. Who wants to lug around a huuuge bag all the time anyway, right?

Below are five tips that will allow you to survive the day with just a small bag in hand:


IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

1. Don't bring your whole beauty kit.

Set your makeup before leaving the house. Carry only a tube of lipstick for midday touchups. If you have a full day of events and meetings, maybe add a stick of concealer in your purse for emergencies.

2. Choose a compact powerbank.

If you're a heavy mobile user, then you know all too well that your battery won't last the whole afternoon. So be sure to invest in a slim, light, and compact powerbank you can carry anywhere.

3. Ditch the wallet.

Do you really need to bring a lot of paper bills or lug around your accumulated receipts everywhere you go? Consider getting a money clip for some cash instead, and carry a credit or an ATM card for unexpected purchases.

4. Always bring an ID.

You never know when you're going to need one. Always bring a government-issued identification card for emergency situations. Your driver's license would be perfect for this, which is clearly a must-have anyway if you drive yourself to get around the city.

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5. Keep your keys in one place.

Keep your car and house keys in one ring. That way, it's easy for you to reach them inside your bag. You won't have to dig inside your purse anymore.


There are inside zippers in small bags. Take advantage of this small pocket and keep a thin plastic toothpick and a band-aid for emergencies.

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