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5 Trendy Pieces You Can Keep for 2016

Come New Year's, these current fashion items will be just as hot.
5 Trendy Pieces You Can Keep for 2016

Call this a brazen declaration, but we think that not everything has to change when the new year rolls along. Coffee dependence and Instagram feed compulsions aside, you don't have to chuck your entire 2015 wardrobe—here are five pieces we're calling will be just as hot this coming 2016 as they are right now.

1. The One-Piece Bodysuit

2015 was all about the midriff but for some who were still easing their way into the hubadera style, the sexy bodysuit came to the rescue. No need to part with that sweet maillot—in fact, stock up on lace bodysuits to pair with jeans or a cute skirt to welcome the new year.

2. The Basic Turtleneck

It was this year when this classic, yet notoriously tricky top landed many a fashionista's approval. Whether you're out to look like an Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, or pull off the timeless geeky collegiate like Mr. Jobs, you can breathe a sigh of relief—turtlenecks still have staying power.

3. The Denim Skirt

Ah yes, the A-Line denim skirt. Call it an ode to chic librarians, or an offshoot of fashion's intense obsession with the '70s, or both—the piece has managed to make its way back into the fashion zeitgeist. Don't worry, we foresee more modern ways to style the skirt in 2016.

4. Culottes

These split skirts broke out as a trend to much complaint (culottes have the tendency to be quite unflattering), but most women see the possibilities now: with sneakers, with heels, with anything cropped, with an oversized sweater. The trend's just latching on to most, so expect more of this piece next year.

5. Anything in Serenity

Yes, button-downs like flannel shirts or this blue top are considered classics, but consider this particular hue special: Serenity, one of Pantone's two Colors of the Year for 2016 (along with Rose Quartz, a soft pink hue). Expect this piece, along with other indigo-blue pieces, to fly off the shelves just like anything Marsala-toned did this year.

All items are from MANGO's Autumn/Winter '15 collection.

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