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5 Things To Do During A Typhoon

Safe and dry? Here's a list of things you can do right now.
5 Things To Do During A Typhoon Safe and dry? Here's a list of things you can do right now.

Consider yourself lucky because you’re safe, dry, flood-free, and probably enjoying a hot cup of cocoa while others are losing their homes due to the flood. Before you do another Instagram post on what you’re eating right now, better take advantage of your resources with this to-do list and be of help to others in your own little way.

 #1 Prep your emergency kit

Sure, flood’s still far from your area but with the current situation, we really can’t tell! So grab a duffel bag and fill it with the essentials: a set of clothes, first aid kit, flashlights, food, and bottled water.

#2 Charge up

Before the electricity goes out, make sure all your gadgets are fully charged so you can keep in touch with everyone.

#3 Stay vigilant

Now’s the perfect time to use the power of social media to help spread awareness. Follow the Twitter accounts of government and media institutions to keep you updated. Remember to use these hashtags: #rescuePH for emergencies, #reliefPH for evacuation centers and relief ops, #floodPH flood situation, #safenow once rescued. Just be sure to use these hashtags responsibly.


#4 Clean out your closet

Can’t decide if you want to give away that shirt you’ve been holding on to for a while now? If you haven’t worn it for the last six months, most likely, you’ll never wear it again. Instead of letting them rot in your closet, give them to the people who need them the most. 

#5 Volunteer

There’s nothing more noble than going out there to lend a helping hand and be a blessing to others. Check out this list of relief efforts that you can go to today.

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