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5 Ways Fashion Startups Can Market Themselves for Free

The secret: become a social media beast.
5 Ways Fashion Startups Can Market Themselves for Free The secret: become a social media beast.

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Got some good merchandise in your hands but don’t know how to sell them? No worries. Here are five easy and cost efficient marketing tips every fashion startup can make use of.


Tip #1: Talk the talk, talk to the people.

Disseminate information, create awareness, and make noise. This is what Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are for. They allow you to send snippets of information to your market while allowing you to engage in conversations. You want to be relatable, not some random person trying to sell them stuff.


***Note: When creating an account for your brand on Facebook, be sure to register it as a business and not as a person. You can do so by going to


Tip #2: Promote your accounts EVERYWHERE

Link Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, and Tumblr accounts together. Run campaigns on social media to spread awareness to make sure that no matter where people go, you are visible. But while creating hype may be the main goal, you ought to know when to hold back. Over posting leads to annoyance so it’s best you keep track of what you post and when you post them.

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***Note: Check the Statistics tab of Iconosquare and find out when your community is more active so you know which times are optimal for posting.


Tip #3: Let stylists pullout from you.

When it comes to endorsements, nothing beats having a celebrity wear your merch. One quick way of getting a Julia Barretto or a Kathryn Bernardo to wear your stuff is by lending or sending them to their stylists. This easy trick has been tried and tested by many brands, including Style Staple who’s known to be an artista fave. They’ve even had one of their dresses worn by Heart Evangelista during her pre-nup photoshoot and all they had to do was say yes to a stylist who needed something to put on her client.


Tip #4: Stickering

Being visible doesn’t only mean being on everyone’s news feed. Take it to the streets and do some good old fashioned advertising by putting your brand on things. Local streetwear brand Progress loves to bomb the outdoors with stickers while other brands find ways to put their logos on graffiti art. This way they’re more visible and memorable, not just on social media.


Tip #5: Collaborate with influencers

Create X-deals with key influencers—people who you want to be associated with and not just those who would offer you publicity. This gives your brand more value and makes it more aspirational. Help each other out by hooking them up with some really awesome merch, in return they’ll put in a good word for you.


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