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5 Styling Hacks Every Girl Must Know

A double-tap worthy #OOTD? This cheat sheet will make it easy-peasy!
5 Styling Hacks Every Girl Must Know A double-tap worthy #OOTD? This cheat sheet will make it easy-peasy!

‘Tis is the season to take lots of #OOTDs! But just a piece of advice, ladies: heavy partying can also mean cramming, outfit fails, and more #fashiongirlproblems. If you want your fashion moments to be immortalized via Instagram, make sure you remain picture-perfect all throughout the festivities. No need to panic─we know just how to help you! Scroll down and get schooled on these five proven and tested styling hacks.

STYLING HACK #1: Trust us, a double-sided tape can be your lifesaver!


Party dresses are a must. But don’t be that lady in the corner who keeps pulling up her dress. Hold tricky neckline dresses with double sided tape.  You can dance the night away minus an accidental booboo.

STYLING HACK #2: Keep your steppers scratch-free with a nail polish remover.

Patent dancing shoes are perfect for this season and for your #OOTD unless it’s been scratched with nasty lines. A few drops of nail polish remover on a cotton ball can get rid of these unwanted marks. This trick will remove the lines and will keep you on your toes.

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STYLING HACK #3: Prevent a stain from ruining your night!

Stains are this season’s worst enemy. Always carry a stain remover pencil inside your clutch just in case you spill some cocktails on your outfit, which you spent days on planning.

STYLING HACK #4: Taking a hot shower has one more surprising benefit.


Spending the holidays outside the comfort of your home has its downside-luggage limit.  If you can’t bring your trusty mini steamer, take a hot shower while hanging your dress inside the bathroom. The steam should ease out the creases.

STYLING #5: Tape it 'til you make it!


Want to wear that sparkly statement ring but it won’t fit your pretty little fingers? An oversized ring should be the least of your problems! You can still fit a size 8 ring simply by using a tape around your ring finger. 

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