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5 Steps to a Super Travel Selfie

It takes more than a selfie stick.
5 Steps to a Super Travel Selfie

If you traveled and never took a selfie, did you even really travel? As they say, if it’s not on Instagram (or Facebook), it never happened. But what if you’re traveling alone? Heed these tips for super selfie skills for the traveler in you.

1. Maximize your phone camera's Timer and Burst options.

Ah, a solo traveler's ultimate woe: the lack of a beloved companion to take her photos. The fix? Easy peasy. Take your phone, and prop it up on a stand that perfectly captures you and the view. Set your camera on burst mode and the timer on 10 seconds (you need time to run from the camera to your spot), and pose. Try to tilt your head or move your body from one side to the other—in fact, pose all you want until the number of shots run out!

2. Take it from the pros: Do an ocular!

The desire to take a selfie may strike at any moment, but take the opportunity of being on vacation to flaunt your current wallpaper-worthy location. Pre-selfie, scan the area for an interesting background you can take your selfies against: a gorgeous city skyline, lush mountain greenery, or a vibrant graffiti wall. Take advantage of the view, and make sure your selfie captures the essence of the place you're in. That said, don't angle your selfies from too high above. Position your phone at eye level so the scenery is seen on camera.

3. Get good lighting.

Never forget Tyra Banks's famous modeling advice: Capture the light! A poorly-lit selfie is worse than one taken with your bad angle, so while you're out and about, make the most of natural light, and click away. Schedule your selfie at certain times of the day when the sun isn't too harsh: early in the morning (before 8 a.m.) and just before the sun sets (from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.), when natural light is at its softest.

4. Tote a mini tripod.

Tired of seeing bits of your outstretched arms photobombing your otherwise beautiful selfie? Get one of those mini tripods with flexible legs that you can bend to grip any surface. Attach the tripod to a surface that captures you from eye level, so your hands can go phone-free. This way, your shoulders relax and your smile comes out more naturally. Plus, you can move your body around to make sure you have photo options from all your favorite angles!

5. Get a phone that solves your selfie problems.

Your best bet to snag a perfect travel selfie is a phone that does its job well. Get a phone that takes clear (read: unpixelated) photos, with user-friendly selfie features. We spy the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 as your newest phone acquisition. Its features are truly made for the selfie-obsessed, such as its Wide Selfie function for hamming it up with your friends and Animated Selfie function that lets you turn your selfie into a GIF. As you take your selfie, the Beauty Face function also instantly improves face and skin quality, giving you selfies you can post right after your take them.

As a bonus, the phone also has various cool features like its sleek metal and glass design (your phone won't accidentally slip and fall now!) and a quick launch camera for moments you need to capture in a snap (think SnapChat!). Plus, it has fast charging functionality, which comes in handy when you use your phone all day and need to recharge it for a night out, LTE and dual SIM capability, which means you can easily upload or send your selfies, and an expandable memory up to 128 GB, so you can use your apps and save photos or videos all you want!

So on your next trip, travel in style, and capture the best selfies with the new Samsung Galaxy A5 2016—it's absolutely sleek and powerful!

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