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5 Signs You’ve Made It in the Fashion Industry

A fashion intern's insights.
5 Signs You’ve Made It in the Fashion Industry A fashion intern's insights.

I remember when I was a kid, my father would often bribe my sisters and I with monetary incentives to read books. But at a young age, I wasn’t so interested in the novels we had at home. What I enjoyed was looking through coffee table books on art and design, and various fashion magazines from all over the world. I would even spend summers binge-buying back issues of Preview and creating my own mock glossies. My free time was dedicated to watching episodes of Ugly Betty and memorizing the lines of every fashion girl’s favorite film, The Devil Wears Prada. So you can imagine my happiness when I successfully landed a digital editorial internship with my favorite publication.

Success is a fundamental concept that cannot be exactly defined but remains something to be wanted by everyone. Every profession has its own standards for that triumph, but if you’re someone like me who wants to pursue a career in fashion, then I can tell you how we define victory in this industry. Take it from the eyes of someone who’s seen it first-hand. 


I’ve recalled my observations covering the Preview Launch held last March and took notes on what it’s like to have made it in the industry of fashion.

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1. You no longer have to introduce yourself.

If you’re at the top ranks of the fashion industry, everybody knows your name. That’s a given. As you walk into the room, you don’t have to go through the phase of searching the vicinity for a close friend or bringing out your phone and pretend to be preoccupied. Instead, you can walk into crowd and ease yourself in with a conversation because everyone already knows who you are.

2. Everyone wants your photo.

Think of event photographers as the high-class paparazzi. It’s not their job to take a picture of everyone on the guest list. They save the space on their memory cards to those who are worthy of having their photos published. As you sip a few drinks and have small chats with a few industry top guns, a photographer approaches you and calls you by your first name to ask for your photograph.

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3. You can afford a ‘hi/goodbye’ without offending anybody.

Fashion is a busy industry so it comes as no surprise that the biggest names don’t have time to stay the whole night. But only the few who have proved themselves can afford to make a quick stop to say hello, give a few kisses on the cheek, and leave soon after. While the other guests notice their departure, it’s not seen a sign of disrespect. No one makes an issue of how long they stayed because their mere presence was already enough.

4. Your outfit still makes heads turn.

It’s difficult to stand out with your OOTD at a fashion party. With the country’s top designers, editors, and celebrities on the guest list, how does one still make an impact? It’s difficult, but it is possible—if you’re part of the crème de la crème, of course. Their custom made frocks, vintage jewelry, and staggering stilettos are already a work of art. But the fact that they’re the ones wearing it is what makes people notice.


5. You’re on the inside.

There is an unspoken term for those behind the scenes in the industry called The Insiders’ Table. This is located at the best spot of the room, deserved for the editors and their invited guests, namely celebrities, socialites, and designers. They can also be referred to as the untouchables. They’re in their own fashion bubble and no one dares to disturb them for a quick hello or a chance for small talk. Even photographers hesitate to approach them for a photo, choosing to wait along the sidelines until someone leaves. Only then can they properly ask for a picture.

For aspirants in the fashion industry, this is the bucket list you should direct your goals towards. Once you’ve seen this success materialize, then you can give yourself a pat on the back and splurge on an expensive pair of shoes for a job well done. As for me, can I still call working here a dream if it’s already a reality? Definitely. And I’ll be saying it until I find myself sitting at The Insiders’ Table.


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