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5 Shoe Styles You'll Need for all Your Summer Getaways

You need a summer escape in the right shoes, stat.
5 Shoe Styles You'll Need for all Your Summer Getaways

No other time of the year inspires fashion girls to explore both the city and the great outdoors than the summertime. Whether long-planned or last minute, an escape from routine is good for the mind and refreshing for the soul.

Once you’re done figuring out your trip and editing your wardrobe (knits and boots at the back of the closet, please!), pay attention to your choice of footwear. The right style will get you through the warm weather and your flurry of activity in the most fashionable way possible.

Here are five suggestions from Melissa for your escape plan during the summer plus shoe ideas to make each one stylish.


Sunset cocktails and weekend grill

Summer sunsets are the perfect cue for a celebration with close friends, burgers and cocktails. Our four-step solution to having stylish fun? Raise your glass, relax a little, wear a festive print, and put on Melissa Jason Wu’s Wonderful (P2,495) so a mini-party also happens on your feet.


Out-of-town outlet shopping

One of the great things about driving out of the city is discovering shopping haunts where your huge discounts are on offer. Plan a return and gather your best shopping buddies for a daytrip. The secret to looking good and staying comfortable while walking every aisle? These Melissa Boemia platforms (P3,495) that offer both flair and height.


Beach trip


A trip to the beach is the most overrated escape plan in the book but also the most irresistible. How to make sense of this summer heat? Pack light, hit the road, get a tan, swim until the sun sets, and rest easy. Back to packing light: bring only what makes sense: swimwear, a stylish wrap, SPF, a good book, and a pair of Melissa Honey Chromes (P2,495).

Art Crawls

With Metro Manila’s biggest museums becoming friendlier to the general public, art crawls have evolved from being a stuffy academic activity to a cool weekend affair. Put on your pair of Melissa Jason Wu’s Diane (P2,495) to look stylish amid the long lines or the walks from one gallery to another. Need we say they are ultra comfortable?

Music Festivals


The modern music festival is a tricky style situation. How do you endure the heat, dust, and the long wait leading to your favorite musical act (that’s usually scheduled towards the end of night)? Thankfully, Melissa Viviene Westwood’s Harmonic (P3,895) makes all the standing, waiting, and walking a chic pursuit.




For each of your summer plans and summer looks, Melissa offers unique, fashion-forward shoes. Visit Melissa for these styles and more and for a complete list of stores, click here

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