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5 Shocking Facts About Wearing Flats

Heels are a girl's best friend.
5 Shocking Facts About Wearing Flats Heels are a girl's best friend.

They say a pair of high heels is the evil stepsister when it comes to shoe styles, but a true fashion girl would beg to disagree. These facts prove that flats can be the enemy, too.

1. Have you ever heard of plantar fasciitis?

This condition happens when the connecting tissue, plantar fascia, at the bottom of your foot, gets pressured, torn, and inflamed. When you wear flats that don't provide enough cushioning, your soles are going to get a beating! Rotate your flat shoe selection, so no pair gets overused and neither the insole nor the sole wears thin. This also prevents your feet from falling too flat on the ground. P.S. When choosing flats, slip on a pair with enough sole support to ease the pressure on your feet.

2. Overuse of flats can tear tendons and flatten your feet.

When you get afflicted with plantar fasciitis, your feet become prone to torn tendons. It may even cause fallen arches—walking will never be the same again. You'll need a doctor to fix this.


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3. Ingrown toenails are just around the corner.

There are times when your ballet flats are too snug around your feet. This forces your toenails' growth to go haywire. In worse conditions, you'll develop ingrowns that may lead to bone infections! As a rule of thumb (and this goes for other shoe styles, too), prevent this from happening by ensuring that your toes have enough wiggle room.


4. Flip-flops can be harmful to your health.

According to a study done by researchers from the Auburn University in the US, walking in flip-flops can change the way a person walks, eventually disrupting one's posture. Plus, podiatrists claim that your summer staple can expose your feet to bacteria and fungal infection, arch problems, and bunions. 

5.  Most flats do not absorb feet-to-floor shock.

Since majority of flat shoes have thin soles, they do not provide enough shock absorption for your feet. With every step, your heels get a lot of pressure. Expect to experience stinging pain from your heels in the future. Choosing shoes with low heels will avert this issue.

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