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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Season 2 Of It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Season 2 Of It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez The first season may be ending but here's why you should tune in for the next one.

With the season finale of It Takes GUTZ To Be A Gutierrez airing tomorrow night, you’ll be happy to know that E! has announced that the clan will continue to supply us with laughs and gasps as it gets renewed for a second season.

The show became the channel’s most watched program in the Philippines and even made E! the number one channel during its 9-9:30pm timeslot with its record-breaking ratings. From shocking revelations to hilarious antics, getting hooked on the lives of Eddie Gutierrez and Annabell Rama-Gutierrez’s crazy brood is pretty much inevitable. So if you haven’t been watching, it’s never too late for you to tune in as we give you five reasons why keeping up with them might be better than keeping tabs on the Kardashians. 


1. Sometimes dramatic but often times funny, it’s like Modern Family of local TV as you get to meet different characters each with their own story to tell.

2. Annabell Rama might just be the coolest mom ever. She’s a strong, empowered woman and she’s not backing down for anyone. Not to mention that she’s got an amazing sense of humor. 

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3. We want to see if Ruffa turns out to be like her own mother. She’s a pretty tough lady but we wonder if she’ll raise her two daughters the same way her mom handled her brothers.



4. We also want to see Richard and Sarah’s relationship unfold. What’s a show without out a good love story, no? Who knows, we might just get shocked with a surprise wedding at the end of the next season.

5. Baby Zion is the cutest cub ever! Sarah and Richard’s little bundle of joy makes you aww each time the camera turns to him.


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