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Watch: This new TV show stars Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Ariana Grande.
GOSSIP GIRL MEETS HEATHERS IN 'SCREAM QUEENS' Watch: This new TV show stars Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Ariana Grande.

From the makers of Glee and American Horror Story, another highly-anticipated TV show is set to conquer your TV screens. Scream Queens, a new horror comedy series featuring stylish teen stars dressed in lavish costumes, has finally revealed its plot that involves a masked killer stalking sorority girls. Now before you jump into any conclusions about it being another meh story about a group of friends dying like flies, allow us to convince you why we think it’s actually worth a shot. Below, five reasons why we’re more than excited for this new show.

1. Epic, star-studded casting.


American Horror Story star Emma Roberts leads the pack as the Kappa sorority’s Queen Bee. There’s also Lea Michele donning a neck brace and looking a lot less like Glee’s Rachel Berry. And as if those two combined aren’t enough, show creator Ryan Murphy’s also bringing in Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, and—brace yourselves, ladies—Nick Jonas.

2. There’s a lot of Chanel.

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Apart from all those tweed jackets and pastel dresses, the lead herself (Roberts) is named Chanel Oberlin. She also calls her minions Chanel #2, Chanel #3, Chanel #4, and Chanel #5 (yes, just like the perfume!), because she’s too self-obsessed to memorize all their names—and with all that Chanel talk, we’re pretty sure you already have an idea as to what, or rather, who they’re wearing. Yep, you guessed it!

3. And an entire house loaded with fashion porn.


If ever the killing spree fails to make you scream, don’t worry, the show also features a walk-in closet brimming with pointy-toed pumps and vintage Chanel, not to mention a staircase that looks exactly like the one at Blair Waldorf's house. (Srsly, it looks like the same house.) Roberts said, “I remember seeing the set for the first time and I was just in shock. It’s like every girl’s dream. The sorority house looks like a Barbie dream house.”

4. They could be the new Mean Girls.


They might not exactly wear pink on Wednesdays, but they’ll make you want to cop their looks faster than Regina George could even utter the word carbs. They’re egotistic, privileged kids who may be fifty shades of cray, though at the end of the day, you’d still want to sit with them and compliment their #OOTD.

5. The show is pretty evil.


It’s comedy, horror and fashion all rolled into one. Imagine a 2015 remake of the classic Heathers, injected with a Friday The 13th plot, a Mean Girls cast, a Gossip Girl wardrobe, and the whole shebang. Sounds fetch, right?

The series premieres in September but while you wait, check out the official trailer below.

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