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Mila Kunis Wears Michael Cinco

And 4 other reasons to watch Jupiter Ascending.
Mila Kunis Wears Michael Cinco And 4 other reasons to watch Jupiter Ascending.

Mila Kunis wears a Michael Cino embellished floral mermaid dress and matching headdress in Jupiter Ascending.

If you think fashion girls aren’t into that whole sci-fi-fantasy-action thing then you’re totally messed up. We love geeking out too—ish. It’s where avant garde couture meets aliens, space ships, and whatnot. That said, we’re totally looking forward to watching Jupiter Ascending and here’s five reasons why you should, too.

REASON #1: Mila Kunis goes from toilet bowl scrubber to intergalactic royalty.

It’s a classic Cinderella story with a Star Wars twist. But instead of raggedy aprons and puffy ball gowns, Mila’s character Jupiter Jones goes from flannel to floral—a Michael Cinco floral mermaid gown, that is.

REASON #2: Alien makeovers are out of this world


Makeup artists will have a ball trying to recreate the many beauty looks from this movie.

REASON #3: Eddie Redmayne is one hot and well-dressed son of an... alien.

Evil prince Balem likes gold lamé, black leather and statement accessories. We’d totally break into his wardrobe and steal that art deco bib-cum-choker. And would you look at that hair??

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REASON #4: The intergalactic style game will put Earth’s #OOTDs to shame.

Everyone is dressed to the nines in their elaborate robes and accessories. Even the handmaids are sporting cut-out sequined gowns, layered necklaces and ear cuffs.



Okay, so he may not be as sizzling hot compared to his Step Up days but with those bleached brows and guy-liner, he makes the cut for the DILF list. 

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