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5 Poses to Show Off Your True Style Personality

Because no one wants to look 'off' on social media.
5 Poses to Show Off Your True Style Personality

Figuring out just how to pose for an OOTD can be daunting and make you feel awkward, especially if you're new to the world of fashion photo ops. But it need not be. There are a handful of go-to poses for displaying that carefree, couldn't-care-less-because-I’m-so-cool vibe. The next time you want to showcase your unique style, emulate these blogger-approved poses to ensure you and your outfit are seen in the best light.

1. Stand tall but slightly bend and jut out one knee.

Standing tall in skinny stilettos is a surefire way to make you look long and lean, but resting your weight on your back leg will keep your vibe relaxed. Add a monochromatic look and a low camera angle to the formula and you've got the perfect shot.

2. Just sit it out.

So you like to style yourself in athleisure—a seated pose, taken from up top, should be your game plan. Show off just how comfy your stylish threads are with a photo that captures your cool attitude.

3. Glance back.

This makes it seem like you were just casually walking then craned your neck over your shoulder, only to find that you were being photographed. This is the best pose for showing off the side or back details of your outfit, or your bag slung across your body. The best way to pull this off is to keep it real. Try to imagine yourself telling a friend to hurry along and catch up.

4. Prop your chin on your hand like it really belongs there.

Most of the time, you probably don’t know what to do with your hands in photos. The best and most natural way to avoid awkward arms and stiff fingers is to rest your chin on your hands. It’s also ideal for showing off jewelry and other small accessories, flaunting a new manicure, or drawing attention to a new shade of lipstick.

5. Cross your legs and casually lean against a wall, post, door, or someone else.

A like-bait, this pose shows off a new pair of jeans, a form-fitting dress, or a killer pair of shoes. Crossing one leg in front of the other and then leaning to the side highlights the vertical lines of your legs and elongates your entire frame. This nonchalant pose also tells the world that you own your outfit and not the other way around.

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