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5 Period Dramas Fashion Girls Should Binge-Watch

The costumes would make thee want to time travel.
5 Period Dramas Fashion Girls Should Binge-Watch The costumes would make thee want to time travel.

There would be a long list if we talked about television shows that have caught a fashion girl's eyes courtesy of the phenomenal wardrobe. Gossip Girl, Friends, Sex and the Citywhether it’s inspired by a cult classic or the archetypical high school setting, their costume department has effectively bequeathed us the feeling of being in fashion heaven.  

One specific genre that would probably stand out is period drama. No doubt, these shows spend a lot of money, just to produce and achieve the looks of the specific era being portrayed. So here, we list down five of the period dramas that we believe you should binge-watch while, perhaps, having a tea in the afternoon. Trust us, they’ll draw you in and serve as inspiration for the next outfit you'll be planning to wear.

1. Reign (Tudor & Elizabethan Period)


Based on the true story of Mary, Queen of Scots, expect lots of ball gowns and corsets not only from her majesty, but also from her equally exquisite ladies-in-waiting. History nitpickers be forewarned: The show’s costume designer admitted that they sort of contemporized the sixteenth century wardrobe to fit in the modern day.

2. Pride and Prejudice (Georgian Period)

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If you’ve seen the two movie versions or even read the original book by Jane Austen, then you already have an idea of the story of the five Bennet sisters. From their different personalities, you can easily see that these girls have unique and classic styles to brag. Prepare to fall in love with the handsome and dashing Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, too!

3. Downton Abbey (Edwardian Period)


Of course, this short list wouldn’t be complete without our favorite sophisticated family from the fictional Yorkshire country estate. The series begins in the early 1900s—think of the spectacular outfits in Titanic—and extends until the 1920s. They never run out of headbands, jewelry, and frocks to fashion!

4.  Upstairs, Downstairs  (Great Depression Period)


BBC’s 2010 adaptation of the 1970s sitcom series is especially made for the fashion geek! The story follows the lives of the Bellamy family “upstairs” and servants “downstairs” of a large country house in London. So yes, it's a huge difference between their set of costumes but all of them will surely satisfy your sartorial needs. Watch out for the delicate interiors, too!

5. Mad Men (Post-War Period)


Tired of the British scene? Head over to New York and binge-watch this American period drama set in the 1960s. It trails the lives of employees at fictional advertising agency, Sterling Cooper. For those of you who are into retro culture, you will love this show!

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