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5 New Ways to Wear a Logo Tee

Because you shouldn't run out of ways to wear your favorite shirt.
5 New Ways to Wear a Logo Tee
Because you shouldn't run out of ways to wear your favorite shirt.

Unlike your other plain white tees, a logo tee has the literal ability to make a statement. And with that kind of power, you have to collect outfits ideas for it like your life depends on it. How else will you justify splurging extra for a t-shirt, right? That said, here are five outfit ideas that'll make recycling that tee a treat.

1. Go bold with your bottoms.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/chiaraferragni

Balance out your white logo tee's simplicity with striking bottoms. Sheer fabric, fringe, and metallics will level up your outfit without taking eyes off your tee.

2. Add a neck scarf.

IMAGE Getty | Christian Verig

Borrow a thing or two from the Parisians and make your logo tee a true class act.

3. Style it with a suit.

IMAGE Getty | Kirstin Sinclair

Ditch the plain old undershirt and wear your logo tee under your suits. Think of it as a device to break up the monochromatic look, but at the same time injecting a bit of graphic youthfulness into the mix.

4. Pair it with another brand representative.


Represent your favorite brand well by donning something else that's as iconic as its logo. Take this look's Gucci logo tee and loafer combo, for example.

5. Hang a coat on your shoulders.


A suit jacket makes everything look prim and proper, and your logo tees aren't an exception. But instead of committing to the jacket completely, play nonchalant and let the polished piece sit on your shoulders for an upscale relaxed vibe.


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