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5 Must-have Fitness Apps

We pick our favorite apps to help you get fit anytime, anywhere!
5 Must-have Fitness Apps We pick our favorite apps to help you get fit anytime, anywhere!

This year we’ve seen the shift from just strict dieting to actually being physically active when it comes to working out and sports. There was a boom in fun runs, triathlons, and even new fitness routines that we all supported and got excited for. But sometimes, we just don’t have enough time to head on to the gym or yoga studio, so we list down five must-have fitness apps on your phone to help you reach or maintain your fitness goal anytime, anywhere.



Cassie Ho, a Pilates instructor, first started posting different fitness videos featuring Pilates on YouTube and her blog. Now, she branched out by developing an app that keeps workout videos and healthy recipes all in one place. What we love about this app is that her videos range from 3-minutes to 30-minutes depending on intensity and body part that you want to focus on!



One of the leading retailers for workout apparel also developed the Nike Training Club or NTC for women. It consists of numerous workout routines that vary depending on length, intensity, and body part that you want to focus on. It even offers exclusive 15-minute workouts from different athletes as part of their bonus workout section. 



Run Keeper acts as your sports watch and log book when it comes to running, jogging, and biking. It helps you keep track of how far you’ve come, how much calories you have burned and even how long it will take to get to your fitness goal. 



This specific app focuses on your diet and food intake and not just the workouts that you have been doing. Your target calorie intake each day is based on your height, current weight, lifestyle, and the amount of weight that you want to lose. The app lets you log in everything you take in (yes, even desserts and cheat snacks!) to help you keep track and watch what you eat. It is our personal food diary of sorts!



Fitness guru and celebrity trainer known for her stint on the Biggest Loser now has an app that features different workout routines that help you lose the weight. It also a diet plan that will aid you in the process. It’s like having Jillian with you all day, every day! 

Why don’t you end this year with a bang and get a head start for a healthier 2014?

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