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5 Life-changing Tips For The Online Shopaholic

Are you a certified, stylish online shopaholic? Then we've got tips that could change your online spending lifestyle for the better!
5 Life-changing Tips For The Online Shopaholic Are you a certified, stylish online shopaholic? Then we've got tips that could change your online spending lifestyle for the better!


You scour the internet on the daily for fab fashion buys, and you're darn good at it. But to help you further, here are ways to make sure your digital shopping spree is worth your every penny.

Tip 1: 
Get a proper headstart before adding to your cart.

For online shopping, as with traditional shopping, you want to get the best price for your purchase and here is where your sleuthing skills come handy.

See if you can compare prices of the same item in different stores before you commit yourself to a specific web retailer. Say, duds from the latest designer-high street collabs might be (and usually are) way cheaper in the actual retail website than in a posh luxury portal where it's only consigned. It pays to do your research and to compare similar items across multiple sites before you press pay.

Tip 2: Don't check out without reviewing your buys.


How many times have you heard the online shopping horror story where someone was sent the wrong size or worse, how someone paid double because she pressed “2 instead of “1” in the "Quantity" box?

Spare yourself from the painstaking process of returning the said items or finding a new buyer by quickly running over each item on the queue. Then, and ask yourself these questions: "Is this the right size?" "How many of the items am I purchasing?" "Is this the color I really want?" These reminders will save you from a lot of hassle.

Tip 3: Size charts and the shipping section are your best friends.

The internet has made the impossible possible as it allows you to shop anywhere in the world without having to leave the country—let alone your desks. But more often than not, different brands have different size scales for their clothes and shoes, and each have a way of pricing their shipping services.

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Thus, before getting too excited on a purchase, carefully study each website's size charts. Also, you'd want to make sure shipping fees are reasonable, if not free after a certain price. As a general rule, remember that if the shipping fee is worth more than the item you're paying for, it's probably not worth it.

Tip 4: Choose a convenient payment method. Our reco? BDO ATM Debit MasterCard.

The world wide web may be our modern shopping haven, but it can also be a very shady place when you're not careful. This speaks true most especially when it comes to online payments.

Before securing a purchase, always make sure that you read through the payment guidelines twice over so you know exactly what you're paying for. In choosing a payment method, also make sure that you choose one that's straightforward, easy-to-use, and one that won't hide charges from you. Our reco? The BDO ATM Debit MasterCard. When paying with this shopping gem, you'll be sure to pay for exactly the price of your purchases. There aren't any hidden fees on purchases that'll shock you when you check your balance.


Tip 5: Prevent overspending by using your BDO ATM Debit MasterCard on different purchase payments.

Sure, we love it when our credit cards save the day, but sometimes, we need to keep our spending in check.

Online shopping, compared to going around the mall, is so painfully easy, but oftentimes this may be the cause of shopping binges that we'll eventually regret when our bill comes. With the BDO ATM Debit MasterCard, you can have all the advantages of online shopping while making sure that you keep within your budget, because your payments are directly subtracted from your account. The BDO ATM Debit MasterCard is accepted at millions of establishments worldwide, which gives you a wide range of shopping choices, while making sure that you don't overspend!



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