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5 Lessons We Learned From The Catfights In Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3

What's a competition without a little drama?
5 Lessons We Learned From The Catfights In Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3 What's a competition without a little drama?

Only a few contenders are left on the running to becoming Asia’s Next Top Model. While some were able to climb their way to the top, others have flunked to the bottom. From 14, they’re now down to three, including Monika Sta. Maria (Philippines), Ayu Gani (Indonesia) and Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw (Singapore).

We’re bound to meet the Cycle 3 winner pretty soon, but before we go there, what’s a competition without a little drama? As the challenges get tougher, the girls are also getting feistier. And not that we’re adding fuel to the fire, but we think we can all learn from the most unforgettable catfights inside the house. Other than smizing and head-to-toe posing, below are the five lessons we learned from keeping tabs on AsNTM’s third season.

Lesson #1: Do household chores.


Everyone was chummy with each other until the fourth episode when conflicts began to arise, and the reason was as plain as day—some girls don’t wash their dishes and others are left to do all the dirty work (literally!). The moral of the story: Don’t forget to clean up after you eat, especially if you’re living in a house filled with girls you've only met a few weeks ago.

Lesson #2: Speak from the heart.

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When AsNTM host Georgina Wilson randomly paid a visit in the house, she asked the girls who among them gives the most “beauty queen” answers to interviews. Majority pointed to Monika, which left the Filipina contender feeling flustered about what her fellow models really thought of her “very structured answers.”

Lesson #3: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


After winning the Zalora styling challenge, Indonesian beauty Thalia Raji was rewarded extra five minutes to complete their next photoshoot. The twist, however, was that she had to pick another girl who she’d take those five minutes away from. Monika, being the strongest competitor with two standout photos to date, was chosen—a disadvantage which almost sent her home that week.

Lesson #4: Mind your table manners.


It wasn’t just with Thalia that Monika was having conflict with. In what started out as a petty issue of double dipping on the peanut butter jar, another Indonesian model, Gani, shared a growing rift with Monika, which eventually led to an ugly scene of name-calling.

Lesson #5: Set your goals straight.


In a one-on-one interview with Georgina, Gani revealed that the reason why she doesn’t try to be friends with Monika is because she’s “so into the competition.” We’re not sure if that’s necessarily wrong though, because at the end of the day, it is a competition.

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