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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Outfit Noticed

Check out these styling tips to live by.
5 Easy Ways to Get Your Outfit Noticed Check out these styling tips to live by.

Whether you admit it or not, we get dressed in the morning for the sole purpose of looking great and getting noticed. It’s one easy way to make us feel better about ourselves as we go through with the daily grind. Although frankly, looking like a 10 everyday can be quite hard. There are those days when you just sit in front of your closet thinking, “what on Earth am I going to wear?” Well, some of the best sartorial moments happen when we follow a simple styling formula to get us by every single time. Here, we share a few tips: 

1. Pay attention to the fit.

Invest in well-tailored separates and never buy clothes without trying them on first. Fit is the first thing people notice so wearing anything that doesn’t fall right on your body will just make your outfit look sloppy.

2. Master the art of layering.

It’s an easy trick to pull the whole look together. Think of the third piece rule but make sure that it still serves its purpose. Draping an oversized blazer over your shoulders even when it’s blazing hot is kind of weird, don't you think?

3. Accessorize, but don’t overdo it.

Accessorizing, when done right, elevates an outfit. Learn to edit and choose distinct pieces that aren’t too flashy to give your look some character - be it a classic timepiece or heirloom jewelry.

4. Carry the right bag.

As with picking the right accessories, using the right bag instantly elevates your whole look. You don’t need to blow your savings on a pricey designer tote. A simple nondescript style without the tacky embellishments will do you well. 



5. Kill it with shoes.

If there’s anything you shouldn’t feel guilty splurging on, it’s shoes. From the timeless black leather pointy-toed pumps to the funky metallic block-heeled loafers, a great pair of shoes will always put you ahead of the style pack.


Images from @le21eme on Instagram

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