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5 Cute Looks with Matching OOTD Poses to Steal from Suzy Bae

She's a master.
5 Cute Looks with Matching OOTD Poses to Steal from Suzy Bae
She's a master.

Korean Hallyu star Suzy Bae is Adorable with a capital Awhich is appropriate because she started out in show biz as a member of now-defunct girl group Miss A. We love how the puzzle pieces fit! Now a seasoned actress (check out her most recent drama While You Were Sleeping) and performer in her own right, she's also got a ton of personality. Have you seen her Instagram feed, rife with a healthy mix of funny candid snaps and ultra-glam magazine editorials?

Below, get a taste of her sweet, dainty style along with creative OOTD poses to cop:

1. This unexpected combination of a scarlet ruffled dress, knit beanie, and platform creepers is beyond refreshing. Salsa meets skater girl! Keep your shot interesting by making use of unusual deets: a van in the middle of the desert plus a well-placed long shadow.

2. Now this is how you do clashing print on print. If you're a beginner, take Suzy's advice and tie your whole look together with coordinated pops of red! Oh, and a bike is a timelessly cute prop.


3. Got some cool graphic stripes to show off? Don't shy away from being obvious about it! An intenionally displayed detail lends your photo a cute quirk, especially when set against a quaintly-furnished room.

4. Feel free to take a seat. A sitting snap is great for zooming in on #extra touches like Suzy's silver disco glitter and that covetable sash-esque belt. The sparkle on its buckle!

5. Casually crouching on your haunches is best for flaunting a new shoe, and there's something decidedly nonchalant about it that we really, really like. Also, that simple-yet-current flared denim and logo sweatshirt pairing is ace.