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5 Cities Every Fashion Girl Should Visit at Least Once in Her Life

There's nothing as exciting as Seoul's fashion scene right now.
5 Cities Every Fashion Girl Should Visit at Least Once in Her Life

There’s an entire world out there to see, and it can change you in more ways than one—your personal style included. Aside from getting to shop for finds to remember places by, traveling also lets you discover and immerse yourself in different cultures, relish magnificent works of art, and meet new people with distinct personal styles, inspiring you to be more creative. The fact that traveling also gives you double tap-worthy IG posts is just an added bonus.

Some cities are known for their outlet stores and flea markets, others for exuding creativity and energy. All strengths considered, here are five cities fashion girls like you should book a flight to, stat!

1. Seoul, South Korea

K-dramas, K-pop, K-beauty, and K-fashion—TBH, K-everything—is taking over the world by storm. Not only is every corner of Seoul overflowing with all things kawaii, but the street style game there is so strong, it’s practically a sin to not look good. Immerse yourself in this style hub filled with all things Instagrammable, and learn why Koreans never shy away from having fun with fashion. Whether it’s going all-out on color or prints, or combining trend upon trend, Seoul can inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, break style rules, and support your hoarding tendencies with the wide array of merch ready for the taking.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

Type ‘Marrakech’ on Instagram and you’ll understand why this city is on the list. The bustling markets, the colorful buildings and artful tiles, and the magnificent deserts are enough to give you loads of IG content. Not only is the entire city the perfect OOTD backdrop, it also has a rich fashion history. If Yves Saint Laurent found inspiration there and loved the city so much he even bought a home there (the Jardin Majorelle) with his partner Pierre Bergé, we’re pretty sure the awe-inspiring place will awaken something special in you too.

3. Paris, France

There are fashion capitals, and then there’s Paris. No other city can top the feeling Paris can give you the moment you set foot in this couture Mecca. Walk around the homes of Chanel, Dior, and Hermès in your coat and boots à la Parisienne and discover what exactly makes Parisians so effortlessly chic. But while shopping from designer brands in Champs-Élysées is a must, make sure to also visit the small stores in Le Marais. Let youself get lost in the magic of Paris, and end up discovering not just hidden boutiques, but also a newfound sense of style.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Some people save up for designer items, while others experience the same high in unique market finds. If you’re the latter and looking for a city near Manila you can run to for a quick getaway without burning holes in your pocket, visit Bangkok. BKK’s affordable Chatuchak Market will surely keep you wanting more—it’s home to more than 8,000 stalls which sell thousands of diverse items to choose from.

5. Cebu, Philippines

Have you ever noticed how people from Cebu always have that sophisticated yet laid-back aesthetic? We don’t know if it’s from living in such close proximity to the beaches or because of othe annual Sinulog (one of the most popular festivals in the country). But what we’re sure of is the fact that some of the country’s best designers hail from this province for a reason. Connect with the locals and bask in the stunning architecture of this booming city, and you’ll discover what really makes Cebu thrive.

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