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5 Chic Outfit Ideas That are Comfy Enough for Working From Home

These will help you get psyched up for work.
5 Chic Outfit Ideas That are Comfy Enough for Working From Home

If you’re working from home these days, you’ve probably already traded your dressier outfits for your comfy pambahay mix. But don’t stash away your fashionable clothes just yet. If anything, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good and comfortable can help get you in the right mindset to be even more productive.

If you’re running out of ways to style for a comfy WFH-look, here are our tips:

  1. Bust out those graphic tees.

We know you have those shirts that are either too cute or too edgy for work. Well, guess what? It’s time to take them out of your closet because T-shirts are now the official business attire for us working from home. Nothing is more comfortable than a cotton shirt paired with equally comfy leisure pants or shorts and a casual pair of sneaks. Style with layers of gold necklace chains and you’re all set.

  1. Explore many possibilities with your slip dress.

Slip dresses aren’t just for sleeping anymore, and the ways to style them for a chic corporate look are virtually endless. Wear a neutral top inside yours for a Korean-inspired look, or tuck it in a high-waisted pencil skirt to look extra sleek.

  1. Pair dressy tops with shorts.

If you’re going on a video call for work, you may want to wear a dressy top for a truly business-appropriate look. Pair your silk blouses and button-down tops with a pair of denim shorts or trendy bike shorts for an extra boost of comfort. When in doubt, match neutral colors.

  1. Build on your tank tops.

Given the current weather, it’s not really advisable to wear a power suit or thick blazers. Your best bet to stay comfortable is actually a cute tank top. To dress up this plain white staple, try pairing it with a colorful neck scarf or with roomy trousers.

  1. Make accessories your best friend.

Above all else, it’s easy to pull a look together and elevate it with a dash of accessories. Especially when you’re in a video meeting with an important client, it helps to make a good impression when you feel confident wearing your trusty chunky earrings or go-to statement necklace. If you want to work in your garden or balcony to get a bit of sunshine, you may even throw on a beret or a pair of cool specs.

When working from home, the first step to being productive is wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. And as the pieces that you feel good in are likely the pieces you’re going to be wearing over and over, these outfits deserve utmost care. Help keep them looking new and vibrant when you wash them regularly with good products, like Comfort Care Detergent.

Stay positive by looking and feeling good, ladies!

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