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4 Ways to Wear Mixed Prints

Easy-peasy tricks right here!
4 Ways to Wear Mixed Prints
Easy-peasy tricks right here!

Fashion is an exciting realm to explore. Many trends pop out from here and there; some of which stay, some leave before you can blink an eye. But if there’s any styling trick that leaves most girls clueless and scared, it’s the daunting mixing of print on print. Well good news, girls! You don’t need to have a professional stylist to dress you. All you need is to follow these simple guidelines to expertly wear and combine patterned pieces.


Wear two patterns in simple silhouettes

Stick with two prints, one that can preferably overshadow the other. Keep the cut of your clothes in simple lines, in lightweight fabrics, and short to keep your look from overwhelming and weighing you down.

Stick to the same color palette

Once you’ve found your main piece, pick out a second piece of clothing in a shade that is close but not the exact shade as your primary one. Keeping the second piece in a more toned down print also helps.


Play with texture

Once you’ve mastered the art of mixing patterns and colors, it’s time to take it up a notch. Play around with different textiles. The variance between textures will help break your outfit, restraining it from looking to busy to something that’s more put together.


Throw in a third piece!

For the risk-takers, this one’s the challenge. Use your third piece as an accessory, say via socks or a bag. But keep in mind your third piece should either contrast your two prints or unify your whole look.

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