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4 Useful Hacks That Will Change the Way You Do Your Laundry

Washing your clothes just got easier!
4 Useful Hacks That Will Change the Way You Do Your Laundry Washing your clothes just got easier!

Let's face it: no one likes doing the laundry—it's tedious, tiring, and it takes a lot of time to accomplish. However, it's an unavoidable chore that we need to live with. To help you out, we've come up with a list of smart hacks that can make the task of washing your clothes a lot easier.

How to remove stains in a snap? How to get fluffier towels? Below are some tips!


1. Use ice cubes to freshen up a worn shirt. 

If you have newly bought tees or something you've worn for a few hours that you'd like to freshen up, toss it in the dryer with an ice cube for five to 10 minutes and it will be smooth in no time. This trick gets rid of mild odors, too!

2. Use your dryer as a garment steamer. 

Got a few wrinkled pieces that could use ironing? Instead of going through the trouble of setting up a board and plugging in appliances, you can just put your clothes into the dryer with a damp hand towel and let it spin for 15 minutes on a low-heat setting to make it look freshly pressed. 

3. Use aluminum foil for fluffier towels. 

For softer and more absorbent towels, you can use a balled-up sheet of foil instead of dryer sheets. This hack reduces static electricity, too!

4. Use conditioner to unshrink clothes. 

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There's nothing worse than accidentally shrinking your favorite top or go-to party dress. No need to worry, though! Soaking the item in a mix of water and hair conditioner for a few minutes and then carefully stretching it back to its original size might do the trick. 

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