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4 Stylish Ways To Wear Fitflop

With FitFlop, you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for beauty, ever again.
4 Stylish Ways To Wear Fitflop With FitFlop, you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for beauty, ever again.

Whoever said that a pair of FitFlop can only be sported by moms should be shot…relax, we’re kidding! But be honest, a number of you ladies may have said that line before without even checking what they have to offer. Did you know that the FitFlop consumer here in the Philippines is much younger than their market in the UK? For a tropical country we’re not surprised, besides, they’re not number one in the sandal market here for no reason. Selling over 22 million pairs(!) with their uh-mazing triple density Microwobbleboard, recently the Supercomff and Biomimetix midsoles (the key to the comfort level no other brand can offer) and their new and improved designs we totally approve of, there is no stopping this brand from ruling the fashion world one FitFlop at a time.

Who knows, with the smarts the FitFlop team has, combined with their hunger for innovation, they may just be able to bring us the one thing no one else has done before: the most comfortable pair of heels! That we’ll have to hope and wait for (fingers crossed), but in the meantime, we can relish on not just their sandals, but also their clogs, mukluks, sneakers, and ballerina flats. If that's not enough, we also hear a collaboration with a Japanese designer that is in the works as we speak (definitely looking forward to see some prints from her!). Before I get side tracked again because of my excitement with their new offerings, let's take a breather and check out our top four favorites from the carnival-inspired Spring/Summer 2014 collection styled for a chic summer-ready lady. Get ready to shop and enjoy!



This is definitely my favorite from the new collection. It's ultra sleek, comes in metallic colors, and it looks young! The toe loop is also a refreshing change I'm sure most of you will also appreciate. Pair it with a simple dress and up the ante with a bejeweled bag and a statement necklace. 

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Sneaker lovers will delight in this new design because it has that classic lace-up look plus all the comfort the Biomimetix midsole can offer. Pair it with a denim skirt, a crop top and your snapback for a day out with your friends. 

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A strong statement comes in most silent form and our take on this is by wearing an all-white ensemble. If you want a little embellishment on your FitFlop the Chada is for you. You can wear this simple-yet-elegant look the next time you go shopping all-day abroad and you'd never have to worry about your feet hurting. 

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We all love a nice laser-cut pair of heels, but who says you can't have the same design on your FitFlop? Complete your resort wear with this pair in a sweet summery hue we love. Wear it with your maxi skirt, bikini, your tote bag and enjoy your vacay!

P.S Just remember not to get your FitFlop wet!

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Don't know where you can get a pair? Here's a list of all the FitFlop branches in the country. 

Share the comfort with the boys, trust us, we adore the Men's collection as much as we loved the women's!