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4 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your #TeamCozy Outfits

Hint: You just need to switch your go-to sneakers with the right sandals.
4 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your #TeamCozy Outfits

Style isn’t always easy to come by—let’s be honest. It takes a little effort to get up in the morning, make sure your clothes match, your concealer looks natural and your winged liner is on point. On days when you can’t even but still have to look great, thank your lucky stars for #TeamCozy. Grab an oversize knit top—openwork is cool for the summer—and itty bitty hot pants or daisy dukes and pair them with any of the Lacoste footwear options below. 

Look 1: Nude Sandals

Lacoste Atalaye sandals in Natural

These babies lengthen your gams because of their color. Go for sandy desert tones for the casual survivor look. Did gladiator sandals ever go out of style?

Look 2: Nude Wedges

Lacoste Karoly heeled sandals in Natural

Need actual height? This’ll do the trick.

Look 3: Navy Sandals

Lacoste Atalaye sandals in Navy

It’s the summer—it’s too hot to stuff your toes into shoes. You know what else always goes with summer? Nautical navy.

Look 4: Navy Wedges

Lacoste Karoly heeled sandals in Navy

A dressy option for nights at the beach—wedges won’t sink into the sand. Or for when you need more support than a stiletto. 

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