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3 Things to Remember when Picking Out Workout Clothes

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3 Things to Remember when Picking Out Workout Clothes

We're down to the last four episodes of Nike’s original Better For It web series Margot vs. Lily, and things are starting to really get us hooked. We can't wait for the next stunt Margot pulls for more YouTube subscribers or Lily's adorkable awkwardness as she attempts to make friends. But most of all, we can't wait to see more fitness apparel inspo!

In this episode, the sporty chic sisters teach us three things about picking out what to wear when you hit the gym or go running:

1. They should NEVER limit your movements or flexibility. Make sure your warmers and tights are super stretchy, especially when you need to "run for your life and run for your life and run for your life" or compensate with burpees during a workout sesh after an oh-so-gross but oh-so-worth-it cheat day.

2. They should motivate you to work out. Your cute new gym OOTDs that show off your hard-earned guns, toned calves, or sculpted abs should give you an extra incentive to actually burn some calories. Plus, outfits will always be wonderful conversation starters, and you can use them to your advantage if you want to gain new friends like Lily.

3. Vibrant prints and bright hues create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Who could say no to the teal and royal blue combo that Margot rocked with her signature viking beanie and the cool monochromatic design of Lily's tights? Watch the episode below, and see how your workout clothes should be anything but drab:

Catch this episode of Margot vs. Lily on TV! Tune in to MYX on March 5, Saturday 7:55pm and March 6, Sunday 1:55pm (replay) and ABS-CBN Sports & Action also on March 5, Saturday, 1:50pm and March 6, Sunday 1:50pm (replay). If you haven’t seen the previous episode, click here

You can also log on to Zalora, and shop for some of the chic workout ensembles in the web series.

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