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3 New Ways to Wear Your Oversized Denim Jacket

How to rework the closet staple.
3 New Ways to Wear Your Oversized Denim Jacket How to rework the closet staple.

Jackets, especially the denim and bomber reiterations that you borrow from your boyfriend, have been taking center stage despite the heat of our tropical clime. Good for layering and upping your street cred, let us school you on how to rework the closet staple. 

1. Temper a revealing top.


Oversized silhouettes have the ability to shroud your figure in volume, taking away from the shape of your body. This is what makes their shape-concealing abilities the perfect juxtaposition pieces for all your skimpy tops. Go big on top and bottom like Jess Connelly and sport a sexier, close-fitting top underneath for a subtly sexy vibe.

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2. Pair one with of-the-moment frayed bottoms.


In our opinion, the Canadian tuxedo is a fool-proof way to sport your denim pieces with similar washes. But here's the twist: wearing trendy pieces to modernize the look. Melissa Gatchalian does this with frayed hems and snakeskin mules and finishes off with a button-down for extra polish.  

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3. Accentuate your waist.


You might not be born with Jessica Yang's tiny waist, but a well-placed knot can help create that illusion. Plus, it's a quick way to transform oversized outerwear to something more body conscious.

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