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3 Easy Ways to Rock Bra-Baring Outfits Like Kendall Jenner

Question is, would you dare to bare?
3 Easy Ways to Rock Bra-Baring Outfits Like Kendall Jenner
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/kendalljenner_news
Question is, would you dare to bare?

If there’s one thing that the members of the Kardashian klan have in common, it would be their flair for the dramatic. However, it’s clear that Kendall Jenner has her own thing going on. (Maybe she’s picked up a few tricks from the fashion industry?) Unlike her pouty-lipped sisters, this Jenner’s style is definitely more subdued—or, in other words, easier for us average sartorial beings to cop. For example, have you noticed that she's been on a bra-baring streak lately? It's a trend that we could all totally werq, too! It doesn’t take much, really: just whip out a lace bra or a skinny-strapped black one and pair it with the right top depending on your hubadera level.

Level 1: EASY

Go for the camisole.

We know, life’s unfair—Kendall can wear jeans and a camisole and still look like she’s strutting down the runway. The trick is to be insouciant! Channel a laid-back yet #IDGAF vibe by wearing your bra underneath a sleeveless top. 

IMAGE Bershka

Bershka Strappy bodysuit, P595, SM Aura

Here, we’ve picked out a slick bodysuit in Tumblr pink—it’s the new nude, guys. Throw on some denim jeans and a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go. 


Get you underboob under control.

For intermediate level hubaderas, this look is totally right up your alley. Although it may be difficult to find ripped shirts like the one Kendall is wearing, the DIY route is a quick fix. Wear a lace bra and tease 'til you please. 


Mango Decorative patches tshirt, P1295, Rockwell Powerplant Mall

If you’re up for it, rip up a cool patched shirt!


Less is more, literally!

In this case, the saying “less is more” doesn’t refer to simplicity. We suggest you literally wear less fabric. (Because if Kendall can do it, so can you, right?) Bare more than just your décolletage and dare to wear a frontless top that fully exposes your bra.



Zara Lace-up top, P1495, Glorietta 3

Here, you can turn a sexy backless top into your next favorite bra-baring item by simply flipping it around. It’s on-point yet sophisticated enough to be worn on a night out with friends. And hey, kudos for making it this far!

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