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3 Couple OOTD Ideas from Jessica Yang and John James Uy

Show everyone that you're the perfect pair.
3 Couple OOTD Ideas from Jessica Yang and John James Uy

Aside from complementing each other's personalities, knowing (and loving) each other's quirks, and agreeing on the level of PDA that's appropriate anywhere you go, there's another criteria that can make you and your partner compatible--your fashion choices.

No? Okay, it might just be us, but whether you admit it or not, you wouldn't have been a couple if you both didn't find each other's style attractive or adorable. Say, he wore flimsy-looking, skin-tight jeans instead of those nicely tailored trousers--will you have taken interest in him? We don't think so.

If you want to take it up a notch and look like a truly stylish pair in the many dates you'll be going to this month of love, take your cue from real-life couple Jessica Yang and John James Uy as they whip up cute couple OOTD ideas from Uniqlo. From picking the right bottoms to properly wearing layers, here's how you make a perfect match:

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