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Here's What a $25,000 Jumpsuit Looks Like

Major flashback!
Here's What a $25,000 Jumpsuit Looks Like Major flashback!

Under the creative helm of stylist Jamie Mizrahi, Juicy Couture has taken an interesting turn as we've seen from its runway debut. Despite its modern makeover, the brand stayed true to its signature pink-and-red palette along with its obsession for all things sparkly.

Juicy Couture coupled its contemporary comeback with an exclusive 16-piece collection that features an array of velour pieces already available on Farfetch. But what ultimately caught our eye is an opulent crystal jumpsuit that's reminiscent of Paris Hilton's birthday dress from the early aughts!


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Well, what can we say? After all, no one does nostalgic fashion better than Juicy Couture. The opulent onesie is a halterneck, figure-hugging piece that's covered completely with Swarovski crystals, hence its hefty $25,670 price tag. But if your shopping budget doesn't allow this splurge, then maybe you can opt for a pair of jewel-encrusted shorts for now.

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