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20 Signs You're a Secret Preview Girl

You mentally correct people who mispronounce Lanvin.
20 Signs You're a Secret Preview Girl You mentally correct people who mispronounce Lanvin.

Illustration by Denver Balbaboco

You may not always say it out loud but you know for a fact that you're a fashion girl at heart. Below, the signs that you're indeed a secret Preview girl.

1. You mentally correct people who mispronounce designer names.

Like Lanvin, Givenchy, Badgley Mischka, etc. Never smugly, though. Lord knows you had to Google fashion videos to learn the correct inflections. #Effort

2. You were normcore before normcore even became a fashion term. 

True story.

3. You do a little jig when you spot a beautiful Marni piece at your friend’s online ukay.

"Am I the only one who notices??"

4. You can’t deal with people who believe that an interest in fashion and an above-average IQ are mutually exclusive.

Please. Some of the smartest women you know are #PhFW regulars.

5. You have a bunch of designer bags which you use because you genuinely like them and not because you crave social approval.

Some were bought with your hard-earned cash and some were hand-me-downs from your mom.

6. That said, you say no to fake designer anything.

Cheap, chic, brand-less finds over “Class A” fakes any day.

7. You've memorized the lines from The Devil Wears Prada by heart.

You like to pop fashion films and documentaries in the player when real life is extra bleak.

8. You know what it's like to starve yourself so that you can splurge on a new purse.

There were some very sad office lunches but it was worth it!

9. You dress for yourself.


10. On quiz night, you volunteer to answer: “Name all the 2013 Preview magazine cover girls.”

People's jaws drop when you get all 16 correctly, and add an extra piece of trivia: "There were 3 beauty queens on the May issue, 4 celebs on the July “best-dressed” issue."

11. Your most unforgettable fangirl moment was with Pauline Juan.


Preview's Editor-in-Chief once stepped inside the ladies’ room the same time you were there and it was awesome.

12. Your thought bubble when StyleBible created its own Instagram account: About time!!!

And then you clicked on the follow button right away.

13. Every month is a guessing game of which-local-artista-will-Preview-reinvent-on-the-cover-next?

You just can't wait, can you?

14. You don't just flip through the pages. You actually read them.

You even know the current and former staffers by name. Obviously, you pay attention to the bylines, too.

15. You bought both Preview X Happy Skin lippies the moment they dropped on Zalora.

Good thing, because it sold out the first day.

16. You're a #GirlBoss!

Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso is one of your life pegs. You intend to build an empire, too—in heels. 

17. You wish you could go to the Preview Ball.

Well, did you ever try to ask??

18. Your friends always ask you where they should go for lunch or dinner.

They think you have fabulous taste.

19. Ditto for drinks.

They trust your judgment so much, you can get them to try crazy things like, um, champagne-tequila.

20. You instantly recognized yourself in the title.

Yes, honey, it is you!