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15 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing All-Black Understand

Five minutes to get dressed? Easy!
15 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing All-Black Understand Five minutes to get dressed? Easy!

Open any fashion girl's closet and you're sure to see an LBD or three. Below, a few things only girls who adore the stark dark hue will understand. 

1. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze. You never need to worry about pairing colors together, because black looks good with EVERYTHING.

2. You never have to worry about having to change for after-work parties. Because your fave black blouse and black jeans combo will look good in the office, at dinner, and in the club. Who needs to bring an extra outfit? Not you!

3. If you accidentally spill something on yourself midday, you’re cool with it.


 Only because most things that spill won’t stain your black dress.

4. Using loose powder to set your makeup is a nightmare. White specs of makeup EVERYWHERE.

5. A lint roller is your best-est friend. As much as you love wearing all-black, lint and dust can totally ruin your look.

6. You’re used to your mom and tita asking you “Sino namatay?” when they see you. No one died. I just like wearing black. 

7. People also like asking you: “Are you okay?”

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8. You seriously consider skipping events that require a dress code that isn’t black or white. Does it mean I have to buy a new outfit that isn’t black? No, thank you!

9. The very rare days you actually wear colored clothes, people compliment you non-stop.“You should wear color more!” Ayt, cool.

10. Because your wardrobe is all in one color, the same goes for your underwear and shoes. White bra with your sheer black top? Who does that?

11. It’s not that you hate color, it’s just that you’d prefer to wear all-black. You wear a pop of color on your lips anyway! Isn’t that enough?

12. Wearing an all-black outfit makes you look (and feel) like you have your life together. Fake it ‘til you make it.  

13. You may or may not admit it, but the slimming power of an all-black outfit gives you life. 


Look at that silhouette!

14. When your black jeans begin to fade, you immediately run out to get a new pair. This cannot be happening!

15. When you spot a pretty dress or top, you immediately think: “DOES IT COME IN BLACK!?” And in the 95% of the time that it does, it looks even better.


Long live black outfits!

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