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15 Celebs' Tricks for Looking Tall

Score tips from these petite women.
15 Celebs' Tricks for Looking Tall Score tips from these petite women.

Did you know that Lady Gaga is actually only 5’1” tall? Yup, she’s part of the all-star petite club and we bet you didn’t even notice. Filipinas are naturally petite, but one thing we’ve learned from these celebrities is that it’s all about creating an illusion. Scroll down for lengthening tips care of the stars:

Lady Gaga

How else would you explain her fascination for those outrageously high, out-of-this-world steppers? You don’t have to go as extreme as Gaga, but what we can take away from her is how she manages to divert the attention elsewhere. Try dying your hair pink, perhaps?

Nicole Richie


If you ask us, it’s Nicole’s candid confidence that makes her seem so tall when in reality she’s only 5 foot 1. She’s seriously turning into a style icon for all the petites ever since she got over her “Simple Life” phase and one trick we always see in her looks is her love for slits. Show off those gams like there’s no tomorrow, ladies.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

What Mary Kate and Ashley lack in height, they make up for in style… loads of it. The twins are actually just 5’2” and 5’ respectively and they don’t even mind wearing flats on the red carpet. Their not-so-secret to not being dwarfed by others on the red carpet? Simple, they stick together. Find someone your own size and stay beside that person in photos. Seriously.

Vanessa Hudgens

High waisted anything gives off an illusion that you have longer legs. It won’t hurt if your abs are also just as toned as Vanessa’s.


Megan Fox

How does Megan Fox manage to look like she’s 5’10” when she’s only 5’4”? She shows off her toned legs. A mini skirt, mini dress, anything mini really, will make you look taller.

Maja Salvador

When shopping for shoes, remember this equation: NUDE+ POINTY+5 INCH HEEL PUMPS=INSTANT HEIGHT. 

Kim Kardashian

Beside Khloe, Kendall, and even Kylie,  Kim (5’2”) and Kourtney (5’) look diminutive even in their heels. But alone, Kim fares pretty well. Aside from diverting attention to her assets, Kim nailed her lengthening pantsuit ensemble by opting for vertical stripes. It's a surefire way to create a tall illusion.


Heart Evangelista

Heart admitted in one of our interviews with her that she loves her heels so much, she even wears them at home! When you’re petite we get it, but this look right here is a triple threat. Wearing a monochromatic outfit makes you look like one long figure, the palazzo trousers happily conceals your platforms inside, and a top bun gives you an added inch or two.

Kate Bosworth

Kate manages to always look so polished, not to mention tall, because her clothes always fit well! When shopping, always consider the cut, because an inch shorter or longer can make all the difference. And remember, if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.


Laureen Uy

Petite girls have a free pass when it comes to wearing short shorts! Don’t worry no matter what you do, it would never look trashy on you. Just mind the styling, please.

Kryz Uy

Want to look tall in photos? Follow Kryz Uy’s lead and always stand on your tippy toes! It’s a great way to cheat your height without having to wear heels when you travel.

Anna Kendrick


When on the red carpet, stay away from big and poofy ball skirts. A slim sheath that stays close to your body is best (a pantsuit is great!). Although, if you really want something fit for a princess like Anna here, an A-line with just a few layers of tulle would do.

Rooney Mara

Trains unfurled behind you on the red carpet can actually make you look shorter, but if you know the event you’re attending has a grand staircase, then follow Rooney Mara’s lead and stand on top with the photographer taking the photo from a few steps below.  

Zoe Kravitz


It’s not always about elongating your legs, plunging necklines on the other hand make your torso look longer. 

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