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15 Minutes With Josh Bowman

We sit down with this British charmer as we talk about Penshoppe, fashion, movies, and more!
15 Minutes With Josh Bowman We sit down with this British charmer as we talk about Penshoppe, fashion, movies, and more!

You’ve seen his massive Penshoppe billboards in Manila, and of course, you’ve seen him in the hit TV show called Revenge playing the role of Daniel Greyson—one of the main characters that play a crucial role in Emily Thorne’s life a.k.a. Amanda Clark.

This down-to-earth (no exaggeration!) guy was such a breath of fresh air. Fresh from his flight from the United States with only a few hours to catch up on sleep, Josh Bowman sat down with us as we chat him up about his life, his career, and everything in between. He was so chatty, sweet, and charming that you’d forget he’s one big Hollywood star. He talks to you with such honesty and kindness. Okay, it sounds like we’re gushing, but we’re really not denying anything. 

Want to get to know more about Josh Bowman, the new stunning face for Penshoppe? Read our interview below.



Who is Josh Bowman?

That’s a very interesting question. Who is Josh Bowman? I guess I’m a bit of a goofball, I try not to take myself too seriously which gets hard at times but I like to take life with a pinch of salt. And I would say that I’m compassionate. I probably think too much a lot of the times. I like to travel. And I think I’m very fortunate to be working in an industry that I’m in, which is really difficult to work in, and I’m blessed to have a great support network—friends and family. And yeah, I guess I’m just going through life from day to day, trying to live every minute to the fullest, and trying to do things in moderation. Trying to enjoy the moment, I think we rush too much in life, we just gotta enjoy and absorb the moment. That’s what I try to do.

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Besides shooting for your show, Revenge, what else is keeping you busy?

Golf! I’m obsessed with golf! And I don’t know if that’s my character in the back of my mind going, “Yeah! Go on and play golf. That’s good!” or if it’s me, but I think it’s probably more me.  I surf, I like boxing. I love Pacquiao, I follow Mayweather, too. And yeah, I’m a big sports fan, I love sports! I used to play rugby. That was my sport before I took up acting about five or six years ago. Living in L.A., I’ve been there three or four years now. Yeah, that’s sort of where I’m at. Was that your question? Sometimes I don’t know if I’m answering the question or not!

Can you talk about your ultimate dream role?

I guess when I get out of this, in a year or two or whenever that is, we’ll see… For me, it would be great to go back in England and do something there like maybe theatre or film. I dunno, you gotta go with the work here sometimes but luckily I’m fortunate enough to be in this show for three or for years now, so I could take a break.  I think it’s good to take a break and review where you’re at, how you’re feeling, and then attack a character. I’d probably, you know if I had the choice, which I don’t, but in the ideal world, I would look more into the film side of things and maybe some theatre in London, to go back to the roots. But yeah, who knows what’s next? Cable! A lot of very, very good actors are doing a lot of cable work. Dream role would be something that’s super different that people would go “I’ve never seen that guy! Oh, Christ! It’s him from that [show]!” I look up to the Paul Newman’s, God bless Heath Ledger—good-looking guys, leading men types that played character roles. And for me, if I could do that, God-willing, I would probably be where I would attempt to go. Anything with character, I don’t want to just sit there and smile. Because that’s kinda cool and that’s sort of the direction we’ve taken for Daniel. Now he’s a little bit more fleshed out,  three-dimensional, he’s got a little bit more, I hope he does, a little bit more to him than just being the nice guy. It’s very easy to play that but it’s more difficult and challenging, and I’m having a lot more fun being an absolute bastard. It’s a lot of fun.


What made you say yes to Penshoppe?

Well, I haven’t heard of the brand before and Garret, my agent, said that we were interested in doing an endorsement deal and I, without a shadow of doubt, was really interested. You know, it’s affordable—I guess it would be high street, but some would disagree with me. It’s up-to-date with all the fashion trends that is going on right now, but more than anything it’s affordable and I love that! Everyone can be a part of it, it’s not exclusive or snobby, super high, high end brand. It is good quality, affordable clothing, and people can create their own styles with it.

You know, I like these chinos. Actually, a lot! It’s very slim-fitting, it’s good because it matches the shapes of bodies which I think is important. I think they have really good color schemes. The chambray shirts are great, they have great texture. So yeah, good clothes. Even the accessories like rucksacks, the caps, snapbacks, which are really popular right now, and the girl stuff are really good, too!


Any closet staples from Penshoppe?

Staples like what I would wear? Probably the chinos! And I just took sight of them last night—the joggers. Jogger pants! I think they’re great and comfortable especially for me being on long plane journeys, I think they’re great to have especially if you don’t want to just wear tracksuit pants. If you’d want to wear something smarter, it’s great with a pair of sneakers.  The T-shirts are great, but the pants, I was really pleasantly surprised. They’re really cool!


Talk about your personal style.

I feel it changes. I was thinking about it the other day like, “What is my personal style?” Since I’ve been in L.A., it’s probably got a little more Californian and I’ve been surfing quite a lot, and just hanging out with those [surfers] guys, I guess it’ll be more that. But you know, I like the preppy style, too. Penshoppe sort of sways between both surf and preppy. I also like those varsity bomber jackets, they’re great, too! So yeah, probably a blend between the two.

How long does it take for you to get ready?

I don’t think I’ve ever timed myself but it depends on where I’m going. If I have to take a shower, I’ll take a shower. And if I do, I shower twice a day! But not too long, not an awful amount of time. Like five minutes? I’m quick! I’m not one to really prune in front of the mirror and all that stuff. So, short and swift!


What wouldn't you be caught dead wearing?

Wow! Probably those manikinis that Borat would wear. You know that mankini? With that just hanging everywhere. Walking down in high street in that wouldn’t be cool at all! That’s unrealistic but realistically, what wouldn't I be caught dead wearing? I’m not that brave when it comes to my fashion sense, I dunno! I mean high heels?

You might get a role wearing high heels, would you?

Oh, I would! Look at Jared [Leto]! Phenomenal! But we’re not talking about roles, but personal. So yeah, that manikini! That’s a good question, I’ll get back to you!

Who do you find best dressed in Hollywood?

Pharell is cool! He’s got really cool style. And BeckhamDavid Beckham will be up there. I mean the guy can do no wrong and Ryan Gosling is cool, he’s got that vintage thing going on. I don’t look at much, I mean I try to stay away from those magazines which you are all probably part of! But yeah, Beckham! And he’s English!


How do you stay fit?

That! (Starts doing bicep curls using a glass of water) That’s good for the arms! I went to the gym this morning and I did about 20 minutes in there for the first time in five to six weeks. That’s bad because I come from a sporting background and I’m usually more active but I love it, I’ve been eating pizza, drinking beers, candy, all sorts of chocolate late at night! I don’t care at all! As soon as I finish shooting Revenge, we all, well, I kind of am speaking for myself—I would stuff my face with food and kinda let myself go a little bit and then rein it all in. I don’t even care if I’m on the beach, I just let it all hang out.


Do you follow a particular diet?

Being honest, I think it’s good to do that. I’ve been on a pretty good diet and schedule for the last seven months, so then to just let it all go is good and I think your body needs that, so your metabolism kicks in. So I’d probably rein it in soon! But now we’ve got all this lovely food here, so I’d probably keep going. Everything in moderation, I think it’s important, whether you’re drinking alcohol in moderation or eating in moderation—everything needs to be done for me in moderation. People forget that being in shape, 80% is your diet. Working out, yeah, you can do all the abdominal work, but doing abs isn’t gonna get your abs better, it’s low sugar, low fat, low salt, and low carbs. So for me, big part of it is food. But I do boxing, I surf, and going to a gym is just too awful sometimes. I’ve gone into a gym and just turned around. Honestly, got in and thought this is sh*t! And got myself a protein shake to make myself feel a little bit better.


When you work out, do you listen to music?

I would do that soon because I’ve realized after many years that I go into the gym, the music that plays is just awful. It’s just like—(sings “Hit me, baby! One more time!") and I’m like, come on! But if I did listen to music, I love these two new bands—Alt-J and Half Moon Run. It’s awesome and that’s where music should be going. I love Jay-Z, I would repeat a few Jay-Z tracks. Drake is good right now. But the old school stuff like a little bit of funk and soul. I need to have my playlist here because sprouting off names of artists here is pretty difficult for me. It’s a good time for music right now! (Starts singing Pharell’s Happy)

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


Oh, gorgeous. Just gorgeous! I’m just joking, I have no idea. (Gestures to his agent) Describe me in one word! (Genuine!) Honest! I’d like to think I’m honest. I’ve been in trouble for being so honest but I think people respect you for being so honest. Being in Hollywood is a funny fickle and fictitious kind of world to live in, so I think honesty is rewarded, I hope. I’ve got a very good team of people in L.A. who are honest and loyal, and yeah, I got great friends and support system out there which is crucial. I have very few friends but they’re very close to my heart. I don’t have people running around everywhere. It’s people who I can call and sit down, have a conversation with, heart-to-heart. So yeah, I’d like to think I’m honest.


Main image courtesy of Penshoppe. Insert images taken by Bea Puertollano.

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