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12 Things Fashion Interns Have to Go Through

It's not always glam.
12 Things Fashion Interns Have to Go Through It's not always glam.

Remember when Emily Weiss was an intern on The Hills, er, at Teen Vogue?

Ever wonder what it's like for fashion interns based online?

While this wonderful Tumblr gives us a peek at some of the stuff most fashion interns go through, we, the interns here at Style Bible, thought it would be fun to make a list of our own.

1. Constantly worrying about what to wear.

2. Scouring the web for news is our morning ritual.

3. Seeing your boss get freebies and secretly wanting them, too...

4. Sitting quietly and wondering where everyone is.

5. Learning how to keep up with the Kardashians (they're our no. 1 source for news).

6. Getty images all day, everyday.


7. Stalking people on IG like an expert.

8. Chasing down celebrities and models during fashion week like it's the Olympics.

9. Scheduling tweets is life.

10. Quietly hoping there's free food at events.

11. Staring at a new intern like:

12. Learning that fashion changes with every tweet, every IG post, and every article.

It's all happening so fast!

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