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12 Things That Cost More Than the Proposed P1000 Budget for the CHR

We can hardly believe it ourselves.
12 Things That Cost More Than the Proposed P1000 Budget for the CHR We can hardly believe it ourselves.

On September 12, 119 lawmakers reportedly frustrated over the performance of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) voted in favor of giving the agency a P1000 budget for 2018. In case you were wondering, it's true—the shockingly measly number effectively renders the CHR useless.

Netizens expressed disbelief and outrage online:


Whether this non-budget will be approved by the Senate will be answered in due time. But while we’re all still ruminating over current events, here are 12 things that are ironically worth more than human rights in the Philippines.

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IMAGE INSTAGRAM/maisonladuree

Knowing that human rights violations won't be attended to because of the lack of resources leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Chase it away with something sweet. A half dozen Laduree macarons figures up to P1200 (that's P150 per macaron to very temporarily hide your dismay; but at least you get to keep a pretty box for an additional P300 at the store in 8 Rockwell).





IMAGE MAC Cosmetics

A regular lipstick from MAC will set you back P1050. Here's the classic Lady Danger, a fiery orange-scarlet to symbolize how we're feeling about this whole issue—flaming with indignation. After all, red looks better on your lips, not on your complexion.



Chances are you're overcome with the burning desire to go on a full-blown social media tirade: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, the works. Head on over to Smart and inquire about their P1200 monthly postpaid plan, inclusive of 10GB mobile data. Ranting on-the-go made easy. Better yet, call our senators or send letters via-email to inspire them to come up with a better decision.

We know you just want to wash this entire thing out of your hair (though FYI, you can't. Our country, our problem). It's a bit literal, but a nice shampoo and blowdry combo by a senior stylist at Basement Salon will help cool your head and costs P1000. Don't forget the tip.

Let off some steam and sweat out all those politically-fueled #feelings at Electric Studio, where their first-timer package rate is at P1500 for five rides.


Think your outfit—like the budget allotment—needs about a billion more points? Suit up for battle and buy a detachable collar from Zara (P1295).



We see your thunderous, angry RBF. Top that sunshiney expression (not) off with pink-hued glasses (Medium Rare Store Myles sunglasses, P1349, You might just look friendlier seeing things in a rosy light.




If you're planning to gather your crew for a sunny little campout in front of the Senate building, you'll need somewhere to sit as you paint picket signs, so bring this striped Mango towel (P1495, SM Megamall) along.

IMAGE Stylenanda

We're getting cold feet just thinking about the repercussions of this ridiculous vote. These rhinestone-studded angora socks from Stylenanda (P1375, are so extra...wonder if they'd cost less than the CHR budget without the gems.


IMAGE Sephora PH

Pumping tons of bad bloodlike, liters a minutegets you shiny real quick. Whip out a roll of Fenty Beauty's Invismatte Blotting Paper (P1000 on, BTW, plus shipping).


All worked up by the votes of 119 representatives you just don't agree with? Relax, breathe, because stress will only do you more harm. The Spa's Peppermint Foot Rub just might be the best P1210 you ever did spend to calm yourself.



IMAGE Topshop

You’re confused about the state of things—so many questions, not enough answers. Would you pay P1495 for a band tee unabashedly dotted with holes (symbolic of all the missing pieces in the puzzle that is this CHR issue)? Try this Topshop option on for size.

Needless to say, we're seeing the value of pretty much anything in a rather dismal new light following recent events. Feel the same way? Sound off below.

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