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12 Struggles Only Fashion Girls Who Commute Would Understand

12 Struggles Only Fashion Girls Who Commute Would Understand How do we survive? Well, we don't.

Believe it or not, a lot of fashion girls don't drive or call for an Uber ride all the time. Some of us actually brave the struggle that is public transportation on a daily basis. We don't think we have it harder than everyone else, obviously, but we do exhaust every fashion and beauty hack possible just to make it to school or work in one piece.

Below are some of the struggles that only fashion girls who commute would understand:

1. Dying a little when someone in the MRT steps on your white shoes

We don't even care that we're sharing breathing space with a stranger. Just please, have mercy on our shoes.

2. Constantly being on red alert when wearing whites

The stain, dust, dirt, and wrinkle paranoia haunts us all day.

3. Dodging wardrobe malfunctions with cycling shorts and leggings

Giving an accidental peepshow while getting into a jeep or tricycle is so not cool. Remember that scene in Bridget Jones's Diary? Don't let that happen to you.

4. Leaving the house wearing the most convenient outfit possible and then changing in the office

Maximum comfort in the streets, fashyown everywhere else. That's our mantra. Call us outfit Houdinis.

5. Braving the jeep, bus, fx, and MRT on Fridays during rush hour

Paying crazy Uber surge prices with our hard-earned cash? No, thank you. We'll gladly sweat it out on our way home instead.

6. Spending a lot of time doing your makeup then looking like death after traveling

We always end up hulas everytime we do this, but for some reason it happens every week.


7. Relying on your makeup kit at the office

We remember we have this on our wiser days.

8. Having several pairs of heels under your desk to change into

Because no one needs to know your real morning workout.

9. Keeping a bottle of perfume in your bag or at the office

'Cause the scent of pollution ain't sexy.

10. Accidentally wearing gray on a hot day

Pit stains can become a fashion statement like the Regina George shirt holes, right? No? Okay.

11. Wearing a jacket to "cover up" your hubadera outfits, because you don't want people to stare. 

Unless, of course, you do want people to stare.

12. Wanting to rock a chic small bag, but it's just not practical

Because where will you put your umbrella, makeup kit, change of clothes, powerbank, chords, wallet, coin purse, extra shoes, tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer? Gotta be a #fashiongirlscout!

Stay strong, fashion girls!

Main image and all gifs from Giphy.

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