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12 Secrets Of Super Liked Instagrams, Revealed!

Learn a trick or two from these pro Instagrammers.
12 Secrets Of Super Liked Instagrams, Revealed! Learn a trick or two from these pro Instagrammers.

After scouring social media for the best washed-out and colorific grids last week, we happened to notice a lot of things in common among our pro Instagrammers. Now, just for the #lols of it, we compiled a few tricks of the trade you might want to take cues from. Want to score those extra hearts? Below, we reveal the cheat sheet!

1. Distressed denim is very IG-friendly.

(images via @chiaraferragni, @misspopquiz, @tuulavintage)

Think of it as your neutral. Whether you’re showing off your newly painted nails or your precious Chanel Boy, trust us, it’ll score more insta-likes when paired against the backdrop of your good old ripped jeans.

2. Mind your #shoefie background.


(images via @sartorialpanda, @garypeppergirl, @kimcamjones)

You could’ve bought that pair from the department store or from Jimmy Choo, but here’s the thing—where and how you actually took the photo matters. Clean lines and blocks of color make your shoes pop, and sometimes adding other interesting elements can make it look more double-tap worthy.

3. Master the art of the #flatlay.

(images via @kimcamjones, @songofstyle@sartorialpanda)

You know those photos of neatly folded clothes and meticulously arranged trinkets that you see all over Instagram? Yup, there’s actually a term for that. It’s called #flatlay, and you should totally use that as an excuse to organize and declutter your closet, stat!

4. The top shot is the way to go.


(images via @songofstyle@kimcamjones@garypeppergirl)

If you’ve already practiced doing the #flatlay, then this should be pretty easy. Something about this arrangement just makes everything clean, manicured and lovely to behold in a grid.

5. For your #foodstagram, dessert comes first.

(images via @tuulavintage@kimcamjones@garypeppergirl)

A page or two won’t be enough to list down all the IG-worthy fruits and pastries you need to take note of. Probably anything with berries, watermelons, pineapples, macarons, croissants—It could take us all day, seriously. We think it's because the color prompts some reaction in your tastebuds (in the same way that red and yellow make you hungrier), making for a literally mouth-watering snap. Instant double-tap!

6. Always keep your tips well-manicured.


(images via @kimcamjones@garypeppergirl, @laureenmuy)

No matter how mesmerizing the view is, it can easily go from “aww” to “eww” if you’re sporting chipped nail polish.

7. Show some leg.

(images via @kryzzzie@tuulavintage, @thehautepursuit)

Sunbathing in your bikini or feeling lazy in bed? Either way, those legs can serve as the perfect IG prop. Our advice? Keep ‘em hair-free.

8. Walls work best for #OOTDs.

(images via @sincerelyjules@kimcamjones@songofstyle)

Again, a clean background to make your clothes pop.

9. Anything with roses will work.


(images via @kimcamjones@songofstyle, @andiej_)

Or any kind of flowers, for that matter.

10. Ditto for anything with cacti.

(images via @camiejuan, @iamthedoll)

It just does, okay?

11. If you ever run out of ideas, just make a quick run to your nearest third-wave café.

(images via @andiej_,  @sartorialpanda@iamthedoll)

Um, duh?

12. Or hold up an ice cream cone to the light.


(images via @kimcamjones@kryzzzie@tuulavintage)

Yup. Just like that.